Any code guys with .NET and Oracle?

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Singlemalt, Mar 1, 2007.

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    Question pertains to this.

    We have a new .NET application being developed, will run on (2) front end IIS 6 servers load balanced via Cisco Content Switch.

    Ok, the backend DB is Oracle, ver. 10.2.

    The question pertains to this. Part of this appliaction is that when the end user completes a process it will generate a confirmation email to the supplied email address.

    Now, from an architectural perspective and security where is the best location for this? On the front end servers as a service (COM+, ActiveX, etc) or on the backend Oracle servers as a stored procedure? This is going to be an automated task running once an hour.

    Thanks in advance!!
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    If you are making it a SERVICE TASK then I would do it from the Oracle Database. You can setup a package to do the email and even use Enterprise Manager to do the execution. ETA: Setup a separate schema to execute the sending of email (overall object owner can own the package but should not do the executing).

    Also, you could send the email from .Net front end (kinda like the Exception Management) but since you state once an hour I would prefer not to.

    Make sure your Cisco switch will forward requests for the same session to the same server. If not, you will need to setup another method of state (I forget what it is...but your web.config file has a 127...number in it that might give you an idea). This was at least 1.1, don't know about VS.Net 2005 yet.