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Any changes to Stressfire?

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Mas, I'm reading your book Stressfire Vol 1 and enjoying it very much.

With its 1980s publication date, if you were to update the book today, would you have any changes to your basic recommendations and techniques, i.e. using an isosceles arm position, turret stance, the various ways of gripping the handgun, the sight index? Has anything come along in the intervening years you'd add to the section on "Proper holds when approaching danger" or to the flashlight section?

Technology has changed a bit, do you like laser sights or white lights to be attached to your guns? What is the 21st century version of the "Wolfs Ears"?

I'm a non-LEO Canadian civilian so it would take an invasion from Mars for me to be allowed any sort of carry outside the home, mainly I want to make sure I am incorporating some useful and proper techniques for the average guy during my limited range time.

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The Gun Digest Book of Combat Handgunnery, Sixth Edition, can be seen as an update on StressFire. Some of the more recently developed grasps, ready positions, etc. are discussed there.

I've always taught Weaver, modified Weaver (Chapman style), and Isosceles as part of a system, not mutually exclusive options. In a flowing, rapidly changing situation, the practitioner can't always move his feet to pivot into his favorite stance. (Think stairs, mud, narrow spaces, etc.) Knowing different stances is like knowing the cross, the jab, and the uppercut; depending where you find yourself in the fight, your body knows how to "deliver a blow" from there. Being able to flow between stances is the combat shooter's analog to a boxer flowing between a combination of punches.

Attached white light on the gun is a good fallback but does not replace separate illumination (otherwise, in a search, we're pointing a loaded gun at everything we look at), and lasers have a place. Lots of tactically useful active hearing protection available today too. Time marches on.

Thanks for writing,
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