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ANTIFA Meets Some Resistance (strong language warning!)

  1. Some ANTIFA punks meet some unexpected resistance in Oregon. Not as cool as the highway blocking attempt where one got nailed but still pretty cool. LANGUAGE WARNING!!!!

    https://tinyurl.com/t4bsuhn Take THAT, punks!
  2. One day, the boy talking about the park, his testicles will drop. Does bear a striking resemblance to justin beber.
  3. So, whatever became of the young people taken into custody last Fall in Portland?

    I remember the young people having more flair and emotional investment in protesting police back in the 60's. Also, the flower power and anti-police protesters of the 60's didn't seem as scared and petulant as some of the young people appearing in videos like this one.
  4. Spoiled brats. Best reason to use caning I have seen in a long time.
  5. They all seem to be variations of the same weak, effeminate stereotype. Do people with floppy wrists and lisps naturally come together, or do they learn those things to fit in with their peers?
  6. Beavertail sap applied to noggin.

    Condition corrected, central.
  7. Their parents must be sooo proud. Good luck finding a job now with that disgraceful conduct on the internet forevvver.
  8. Job?? What's that??
  9. Ah, the halcyon days of yesteryear. :cop:
  10. I want to go to one of these events and just walk around a put a camera in these “peoples” faces and see how they react. And just stay arms distance plus a step with a camera pointed right at them.

    That’s my favorite part of Live PD “I don’t consent to being filmed!” Ok. Then leave the public space
  11. Probably because the police are far more militarized than in the 1960’s.

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  12. Yea h I was wondering why the idiots didn't catch a beating! Oh that's right every idiot has a camera and a youtube channel now. Hopefully they were driven off a ways and maybe fell down alot.
  13. Kudos to you men and women in blue. Just at least one time I’d love to see that type of punk kid just get wrecked by one of these officers. Kid was brave until that officer ran up and got in his face, the look of sheer terror of uh oh I’ve gone to far and actually have grown man problems on my hands lol. The sniveling call you pigs girl deserves some come upins also. Couldn’t imagine my daughter acting like that.
  14. Uh, no. They might have some used military equipment, but they are nowhere near “militarized”. Another leftist talking point because they don’t get what they want.
  15. Actually, if anything, the police of the 60's were far more likely to use some exuberant force on protesters than in today's climate.

    When I was assigned to our riot control squad in the early 80's, the techniques we were taught were still what was taught in the 60's & 70's, and they were different (gentler) from what I saw taught in the subsequent riot control training. Causing some protester to lose a kidney was no longer considered acceptable or excusable. (Duh)

    My riot baton wasn't the slightly longer 36" normal riot baton, either. We were issued heavy oak Suburito training bokken, painted black and with a thick rubber ring on them (so they could be carried on our gunbelts in the larger flashlight-sized brass rings). They had some hefty mass that worked pretty well when applied properly.

    I carried mine as part of my normal Patrol gear for a few years (it was approved). When I slung that through the ring on my belt as I exited my veh, it often got everybody's attention at some scenes of disturbances.

    BTW, saps (and sap gloves) were already gone at my agency by the time I joined. I was told that the last case of a person hit with one had required 300 stitches to close the scalp wound, so they were no longer authorized.

    Also, remember that there were some instances in the 60's when the National Guard was deployed to supplement local police at protests. Remember Ohio?

    Modern police may have more military looking uniforms than the old jumpsuits, and they may carry more gear, but they aren't the police of the 60's and early 70's. Times ... and the use of force by police ... have changed a bit.

    Today's cops may look "militaristic", and they may be carrying slung rifles at incidents, but times have changed and use-of-force case law decisions and evolving policies have kept up with the changing times.
  16. A very gentle lesson in actions have consequences. Maybe somebody in Portland PD chain of command grew a set and let the war dogs off the chains? One can only hope.
  17. I thought it was a girl.
  18. We all the right to remain silent. Too bad these morons don't use it.
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  20. I was gonna mention that. Protestin' kinda got a bit less fun when the 4 kids got dead. I don't think that shoulda happened but it gave things a bit more seriousness, IMO.
  21. Could be, but if you have a question, you don’t want the answer.
  22. 30 years ago those little **** stains would have gotten a baton to the head and deserved it.
  23. Being shot by the National Guard is about as seriously militaristic as you can get in CONUS.


    Then, a little earlier there was the '68 Democratic Convention ...



    Today's masked and black-clad Antifa people probably wouldn't have fared well against either the 60's & 70's police, nor the other protestors of those times. Folks on both sides of the protest lines were a bit quicker to act in those frenetic days.
  24. "The whole world is watching, the whole world is watching!" They were watching Mayor Daley's people sort them out pretty effectively.
  25. I didn’t see much ass whooping.
  26. Sadly, no. While Portland P.D. was there, the movers and shakers were Federal Police Officers.
  27. Why do they all seem to be feminine skinny boys who talk like girls and look like they play Xbox all day in mom's basement?
  28. Not being argumentative in the least, but could you please explain. Last I checked there were no Federal Police Officers, unless you count DC Capitol Police.
  29. Several Federal agencies have uniformed police officers. I think if you look closely you will notice Homeland Security on several of the uniforms. The SUV parked where they are detaining the arrestee is clearly marked Federal police. There are more comprehensive videos of this incident available online. As I recall this incident started on a Federal installation of some kind.
  30. Portland PD just needs to apply some good old hickory to the antifa problem like was done in the 60’s.
  31. All of the real men are at work.
  32. I would love to see one of these big liberal city PDs go on about a 10 to 12 day strike just to see what happens...
  33. Cause they are?
  34. I know that Homeland has uniformed officers but that they are referred to as Agents. First time I have seen (or noticed) that they were indeed marked as Police Homeland Security on their vests and that the vehicles were marked Federal Police. But I do think that they are specifically called agents to avoid the negative connotations of a federal police agency.
  35. They are brave only BECAUSE the Police are NOT what they call them.
    If the Police were 30% as bad as these idiots say those idiots wouldn’t dare protest.
    They only dare protest because of the restraint the Police show the mentally incompetent. (Kindest terms that shouldn’t violate tos)
  36. And don't forget the People's Park protesters.



    Happyguy :)
  37. Beta male soy boys....
  38. You could not be any more wrong.
  39. I'd speculate because they are. And ... since nowadays the police have been instructed to let them do what they want. Sorta like the ROE did to the soldiers in the middle east wars. But what does protesting have to do with breaking windows and setting fires? Seems some ROE should be ascribed to violent protestors, too....
  40. That kid flinching and backing up after calling that cop a pig was hilarious. :rofl:
  41. US Park Police
    Pentagon Police
    FAA Police
    Federal Air Marshal Service
    US Fish & Wildlife Service
    Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives
    US Immigration and Customs Enforcement
    Drug Enforcement Administration
    US Marshals Service
    US Secret Service
    Federal Protective Service
    AMTRAK Police
    Dept. of Defense Police
    US Border Patrol
    Supreme Court Police
    Smithsonian Police
    Tennessee Valley Authority Police
    US Postal Inspection Service
    and many, many more.
  42. Was one of those LEOs carrying a paint ball gun? Pepper spray balls?
  43. Again, not arguing, but many on your list are not marked Federal Police. I am well aware that there is a plethora of federal law enforcement agencies but the ones I have either worked with or been exposed to have a designator such as Inspector for the Postal Service, Deputy for the US Marshall, Special Agent or Agent for the Secret Service, etc. Not saying it doesn’t exist, just haven’t seen one not designating the specific department.
  44. Very brave. Very badass. Knowing he can spout his crap to the one person that won’t beat the estrogen out of him.


    His greatest fear is if that uniform fell off this fellow.

  45. THROAT PUNCH that smart mouth little punk!
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  47. Other than this, I suppose we just can't help you.
  48. Good grief guys lighten up. I just said I hadn’t seen one, not arguing their existence. The only ones we generally see here are BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) but they’re clearly marked as such.
  49. Every federal agency I listed employs fully sworn federal LEOs with full police powers.
    You can argue with them if you're a sovereign citizen. :rofl: