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Anti-whaling activist 'boards Japanese ship'

  1. Since there is so much support for the Sea Shepherds on this board, I figured you guys would like to know they have "boarded" another ship. While I do not support this obvious commercial whaling, these Sea Shepherds probably should stop jumping aboard others' boats....


  2. [​IMG]
  3. Make him walk the plank.

    Or hang him from the highest yardarm.

    What is a yardarm anyhow?
  4. If you were throwing **** aboard my boat and just jumping on...I'd probably shoot to kill...no offense to the whales but these ppl are out of line sometimes. Hot button issue with me...I'm down with the harassment and all but they shouldnt be throwing crap and boarding without permission. They need a better method to stop the whaling..
  5. Maybe the Seals want some more pirate target practice?
  6. Is this a freaking joke?

    Citizens arrest...in the middle of the ocean!?! And the Japanese let them board? I would have shot them dead as soon as they made the attempt!

    I don't know the laws on the seas but unless they are military coming on for a valid reason, I wouldn't let anyone board my ship.

    Edit: I hope the Japanese eat him, literally!
  7. According to the article above he has snuck on board under the cover of night and has not yet but is planning on basically taking the captain hostage as far as I'm concerned. :dunno:
  8. Yeah, I re-read that and saw that.

    I really hope the hippies get what they have coming.
  9. If he did not ask permission to board, he committed piracy. He might make good bait.
  10. it's all fun and games until someone gets shot...

    Do we have a pool going yet for who's gonna get shot first, the hippies or the whalers?
  11. "Splash"

    Sea Shepherd? what sea shepherd?

    No speak engrish
  12. If he boarded my boat I'd simply have him removed. Right then and there. Throw him overboard and see how he does in the middle of the ocean without a life jacket in freezing water.

    What I hope happens is that no one ever hears from him again. The whalers continue on and just return home after they're done. And when asked about it they simply say they never found anyone on board. After all the other terrorist don't actually know that he made it onto the boat, they just believe he did. For all they know he could've fallen into the water off his jetski.
  13. Why do they need to stop the whaling? The whales they're hunting aren't endangered.

    In a perfect world that SOB wouldn't leave that ship alive or if he did he wouldn't be for long. I'd duct tape his smelly hippie ass to the explosive tip of a harpoon and launch him back into the wheelhouse of his mother ship. :steamed:
  14. Crosspiece on the mast of a ship that the sails are mounted to and hung from.

  15. That's still up for debate.:tongueout:
  16. :miff:
  17. This is my favorite part. Are they going to cry when he is held captive? Yes. But they readily admit that is what they expected.

    I fail to see the logic.
  18. silly hippes
  19. Me thinks Mr. Bethune doesn't understand the Japanese justice system.

    They have a 90% plus conviction rate based mostly on confessions. Criminal suspects can be held and interrogated for 23 days without being charged. That's 23 days of sleep deprivation and constant interrogation.

    They won't publicize his trial or put it on TV like OJ. He won't get an international pulpit to speak out against Japanese whaling. When he is convicted of piracy in a Japanese court he will spend a long time in a very stark prison.

    I think he would be better off jumping overboard right now if the Japanese have not found him yet.
  20. Just when the stupidity can't grow...it does.

    He could be charged by the US too. Sayonara bisshh.
  21. This.

  22. It Sure sounds like Piracy at high seas.
  23. Time to revive keel hauling.
  24. It will escalate when someone gets hurt.
  25. think the japanese should fire that harpoon into fattys wheel house and destroy all that equipment they have...wont be going far if the controls are screwed
  26. I wondered this myself. What exactly do whales do to not be killed?
  27. Regarding the "stop the whaling" comments -

    The Japanese follow established laws and rules when whaling. That's all we (anyone else on the planet being "we") need to worry about.

    The Sea Shepherd morons, on the other hand, violate numerous laws. And people still support them. Let's play a game here: Pretend that the Sea Shepherds are now people from the Brady Bunch (Violence Prevention Center), the mortal enemy of a gun owner.

    Now, pretend that they stand outside of your local gun range, and throw rancid butter on you, when you are trying to go shoot your gun. They follow you home, and vandalize your property, because you own a gun. They constantly harass you at home, at work, and whereever you go, simply because they don't agree with you carrying/shooting a gun in a legal fashion.

    How many supporters of these actions are there on this board? None, I'd hope. Well, the whalers aren't doing anything illegal. Nothing. It's as simple as that. The whales they hunt aren't endangered, and the Japanese follow bag limits and hunting seasons. So, why the support on this board? You folks supporting them are just like the PETA members who try to disrupt hunters in the field or fishing on the water. If you don't agree with it, try to change it legally. Don't commit other crimes - kinda like abortion clinic bombings. Not to get into that debate, but blowing things up isn't the way to stop the activity. Use legal means to do it.

    Now, to address the current claims of the idiots at sea: First off, I really don't believe they managed to sneak someone on board. With all of the harassment they do of the Japanese, I'm inclined to believe that security onboard is VERY tight, and that boarders would be met with some rather unpleasant responses from the crew.

    Second - IF they did manage to get someone on board, I hope he disappears. See ya, wouldn't want to be ya. Their actions meet the definition of piracy. Pirates should be discouraged in a rather quick, bloody manner; this might help prevent any further pirate action against a particular vessel.
  28. Isn't that considered piracy?
  29. Sweet.

  30. Well thank god I'm not one of those guys! (if you read my last post) Its definately piracy in my eyes and think the Japanese should retaliate some how. I always hear about the tree huggers doing thier thing but the Japs just hang in there with balls of steel and keep on truckin....I hope the Sea Shepherd gets sunk

  31. BAM! You hit the nail right on the head! Couldn't have been better spoken! :wavey:

    I know its morbid, but I hope the people who try and board the ship get straight up KILLED. Send a clear message that will be heard around the world- Piracy will not be tolerated.
  32. There are some updates in the linked article.

  33. That's awesome. So he climbs aboard in the dead of night in a much-publicized, daring, eco-terrorist commando raid...and then immediately submits (and likely craps himself) when confronted, and asks for medical assistance with a booboo from his midnight climbing.

    These guys are a hoot. I can't imagine why they're not being taken seriously!
  34. 3 words- SHOOT ON SIGHT
  35. I think he's playing reality TV, and attempting to focus world attention on the conflict. I don't agree with his thesis nor his tactics, but compensation for the sunken boat isn't likely without a major buzz, and him trying to create one is expeditious but not abnormal.

    I'd really rather the Japanese DIDN'T kill whales, but as long as they're playing by international rules, there's no legal argument that works. I'd really like to have sympathy for the whale-huggers, but I like the whales better than them. They seem ineffectual, peurile, sophmoric, and too willing to escalate conflict. I think they'll get somebody hurt or killed. The japanese who are whaling are trying to make a living, and seem to be sane if not culturally identical. Greenpeace should register a claim at the Hague or something, and avoid conflict to the degree possible. They're not good at it.
  36. He's probably got a transmitter implanted in his body so the his fellow ecoterrorists can track the whale boats.

    I think they ought to cut him open and look for it. :rofl:
  37. I feel the same about murder, rape, robbery, home invasions, child molesters, and any number of violent/semi-violent felonies out there. Maybe death is a better deterrent than jail time.
  38. Too bad the infiltrator wasn't looking down the barrel of a twelve gauge. Tie him to the harpoon and send him back home. Broadside of the wheelhouse sounds about right.
  39. Why don't they just tie them selves to the whales?
  40. This is what our laws have to say about this.

    38. The master of a vessel, or any person acting by his order, may justify
    the use of any such force against any person on board the vessel as is
    necessary for suppressing any mutiny or disorder on board the vessel,
    whether among officers, seamen or passengers, whereby the safety of the
    vessel, or of any person therein or about to enter or quitting the same, is
    likely to be endangered, or the master is threatened to be subjected to the
    commands of any other person, and may kill any person who is guilty of or
    abets such mutiny or disorder, if the safety of the vessel or the preservation of any person as aforesaid cannot by any means be otherwise secured.

    With regards to whaling, the Japs aren't doing anything illegal, as is. If they were doing something illegal I am sure the international community would sanction them.

    Hunting is not illegal and I enjoy it very much, I sure as hell would hate to one day have one of these hippies throwing stink bombs at me while I'm out doing something perfectly legal.
  41. Just out of curiosity I did some searches on stow-a-ways on ships.

    It is the transportation carrier's job to return the stow-a-way to their point of embarkation or their country of origin.

    It looks like the Japanese can hold him prisoner on board their ship until they return to his home country. There have been cases of stow-a-way's being held for over a year until the ship returns to their home country.

    Since the terrorist is from New Zealand they could conceivably hold him prisoner on the ship until the next time they go to New Zealand, which could be never.

    They also could just keep him on board until they get to the place where he boarded the ship and let him off.
  42. If nothing else, my google of keel hauling led me to "Pirate Rap". I guess there's something for everyone.

    (Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew is what I found)
  43. Boats are a hell of alot bigger nowadays than they were when keel hauling was invented. They also have props now, too. Let's hope they go fore to aft and not port to starboard.
  44. Fixed it:supergrin:
  45. A less messy test to see if he has a tracking device they can put him in a dinghy and set him adrift and see if his fellow eco terrorists can find him.

    Preferably in the dead of night just like when he boarded.
  46. Do they have to waste a dingy?
  47. Not waste him, leave him adrift in a small boat. :tongueout:
  48. It would show their good intentions,

    and besides how were they to know the thing had a leak in it?
  49. Bah, they're whalers. They're not worried about messy...and why get hippy stink all over a dinghy? :supergrin:
  50. THey could clean him up first. Tie a rope around him and drag him behind the ship for a day or two.