Anti-Gun Bills Shot Down In Flames

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    From: [email protected](jmtomes) Date: Wed, Feb 21, 2007, 7:02pm To: "Undisclosed-Recipient:;" Subject: 1089 / 1090 up in flames
    ___ Every few weeks I get a call from to do an interview on their program about what's going on in the Indiana legislature.
    ___ It's a good opportunity to get the word out on how Indiana stacks up with the rest of the country with regards to proposed gun legislation.
    ___ We normally do better than your average bear._ So far we're still doing fairly well._ Rep. Orentlicher's mental case bills HB 1089 and 1090 crashed and burned.
    ___ These are the bills the NRA wants to talk about tonight._ I'm supposed to be on the program at 9:40 PM_Central time.
    ___ Those bills would have given Marion county exemption from Indiana's pre-emption laws, limit handgun purchases to one per month and prohibit private gun sales at gun shows._ No doubt that those proposals had the gang bangers in Indy shaking in their tennis shoes.
    ___ Just remember though that guys like Orentlicher never go away, unless the gun owners in his district would wake up and give him a tune up or vote him out.
    ___ SB. 18 which will straighten up the 4473 problem,_is waiting for assignment to a House Committee and the House version to that bill is still alive.
    ___ Gun show this weekend at the 4H fairgrounds._ Our good friend Len G. who owns a gun shop up in South Bend is coming down here to set up._ He will join us at our Patriot meeting Saturday and is bring some Indiana Constitution books and gun law brochures.
    ___ There has been a lot of folks offering to help the fine lady that came up against NY's worst in her travel this month with her firearm.
    ___ Jeff Knox, with the Firearms Coalition, _has taken steps and made calls to get things in motion._ It's good to see the gun community to come to the aid of a fellow citizen in a situation like this._ I urge everyone to support Jeff and his organization too.
    ___ It's going to be a hot night at our 2nd Amendment Patriots meeting Saturday._ Be there and bring a friend.
    Jim and Margie
    2nd Amendment Patriots