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From police booking photos (public access)

Kellie Collins, a former candidate to represent Georgia’s Tenth Congressional District

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Fayetteville, AR –-( Kellie Collins, a former candidate to represent Georgia’s Tenth Congressional District, who ran on a platform that included more restrictions on gun rights, has been arrested in the shooting homicide of Curtis Jason Cain, her husband, and one-time campaign treasurer. Her Twitter account has disappeared, and her campaign materials don’t appear to be available, either, but WSB-TV in Atlanta reports that she ran on “responsible gun regulation to protect the community,” whatever all that may mean.

It’s easy to be snarky here, though we must remember that someone has been killed. This incident is illustrative of the hypocrisy of many advocates of gun control, however, and that’s worth sorting out.

Must an advocate of gun control refrain from exercising gun rights? No. And yes.

(Me here - I'll stop the C/P and let youse guys read at the links that are all over the place here.

I too don't want to sound snarky - but snarky is as snarky does... but beside that... - if she'd used a 2 Iron, would she be as famous as my most unfavorite golfer: Tiger?)

Consider this as attributed.

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Didn’t you know?

“Gun Control” just means they want to control YOUR guns.

It doesn’t apply to politicians because they’re “special.”

It’s like that Woody Allen movie Sleeper... “I’m a very important person... I’m a poet!”
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