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Another "unlimited" question!

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by Kitestir, Dec 24, 2004.

  1. Kitestir


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    Jul 6, 2004
    Burlington, VT
    I am looking at setting up a GSSF unlimited gun. Right now I have a 22C that I shoot in Stock and Compition. I do reload for .40, but as of late have been using factory ammo becasue of time. I also have about 15000 rounds of 40 brass, as I shoot a CZ IPSC in limited IPSC comp. I would rather not get into loading 9mm but could if I had to, just a hassel, another caliber, brass etc.....

    My choices are:
    1)G34 stock with carver mount and dot. Factory ammo. Will the muzzle flip be ok with factory ammo? (Could get a longer ported barrel I guess also) A used gun available to me rather cheap.

    2)G17C with carver. Same questions as above.

    3)G35 stock with carver mount and dot. Can reload for it now. Will a tapered down load shoot with less flip then a G34 with factory ammo?

    4)G22 with KKM barrel and comp(or similar)with carver mount. Would need to load a bit hotter to get comp to work.

    5)another G22C Stock with carver mount. Can taper down loads to cut flip. Flip isn't to bad on the one I have, but never shot with a dot before. Have brass and mags already.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  2. Jakk

    Jakk Millennium Member

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    Nov 10, 1999
    If you reload, you can get a .40 that feels as light as factory 9mm ammo. For my "minor" .40 loads, I usually just substitute a 155 gr. bullet instead of a 180 gr. bullet (major PF load) over the same charge of N320. I'd suggest working up a load that works well for you, though.

    my dediated GSSF Unlimited gun is a G17 with a THE mount & dot sight. I have a threaded barrel & comp, but it needs hot ammo to get the gun to run with that particular comp installed. It's easier for me to just not use the comp, and shoot light 9mm. Even factory ammo is pretty light. The scope adds a noticable amount of weight.

    I tried using my G35 with the scope mount, but found that when shooting my light loads, the brass will get caught between the top of the slide and the bottom of the scope mount. You shouldn't have this problem with the Carver mount, as it sits lower than the THE mount. You may have to lower the ejection port to get good ejection though.

    If I were you, I would definately get a second gun. That way you could still shoot Am-Civ & Comp without taking the scope mount off of one gun. If you want to shoot a .40, get the 22C or the 35 (your choice, really), and work up a light load that will run.

  3. Fireglock

    Fireglock Which is worse?

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    Nov 25, 2000
    Pinellas County, FL
    Light 9MM loads work for me. I had .40 loads so light I was constantly being accused of using just a primer, no powder. They still weren't as light as the 9 load I use. I was shooting a 23 and 35.

    The 34 is a good choice, many upper class Masters use them. Others use the 17 and 17L.

    Stay away from the THE mount, as Jakk mentioned it has some problems. The Carver Mount is stiffer, stronger and greatly reduces dot jitter. You won't need to lower your ejector port if you use the weaver base, with the C-more and Aimpoint you will need to modify the ejection port. You can use the Hunter model Carver and probably get away without cutting your slide.

    I agree with Jakk on the second gun theory as well. I tried using my 17L for Unlimited and Competition with two frames and that was a pain, and I didn't even have to remove the scope mount.

    If you use a Comp don't try lowering the loads, you'll get more problems than you solve. My 24C likes hot loads, it's fun to shoot. When I was using the 35 with KKM barrel and comp it was never happy until it was loaded hot enough to make the comp work. Solution was to take the comp off and shoot light loads. Oh well, it was only money. :)

    One thing is for sure, if you set your gun up to shoot with no problems, Unlimited is definitely the most fun at a GSSF match. ;)
  4. GJM89


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    Jan 17, 2000
    NJ,USA-For Now
    Jerry, there really is POWDER in those cases?;z ;z ;z ;z