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Another sad thread

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Well, no good deed goes unpunished. That seems to be the theme of my life lately. Everything from the job to the personal life, well, I'm trying to do the right thing all around but I'm getting it in the back end. Case in point...

My wife and I are animal lovers. We rescued a bunch of strays and not-so-feral cats, adopted most of them out and kept a few. Well, a few weeks ago, I'm walking near our house and a stray cat comes meowing towards me. I pet it. It seems like a friendly cat. Must be loved by someone. Well, I walk the same route every day pretty much, and I started seeing it at all hours every day at the same place in the middle of nowhere. Lots of other people we meet say they see it in the same place too. I realize that this WAS a house cat, but was abandoned for some reason. We make the decision to catch it, which by the way, was VERY easy (both the decision and the catching process).

What's so bad about this? Well, my wife and I are thinking the worst. Why would someone dump a cat as affectionate as this one? Must be something wrong.

Lo and behold, the cat has a tumor in its jaw, to the tune of $2000. Not only that, but she has feline leukemia. We even had her tested twice. Definite positive.

I'm guessing that someone found out that their cat had a $2000 tumor and just dumped her instead of treating it, or even comforting her until the time came to put her down. Well, that has become our job. I'm also guessing that she wasn't FeLV positive until she was dumped. Our situation is such that there will no longer be any way to segregate the cat from the other cats we have. I will not let her loose again so that she can infect other outdoor cats. That is already a problem around here, and I think doing so is irresponsible. I know of nobody who wants to take her in either (anyone in the Long Island area is welcome to contact me if interested).

It really pains me to think of putting this sweet animal down, whom I have come to adore in the short time we have shared with her. I wouldn't have drafted this diatribe if it wasn't eating me inside. I have come to know the folks on this thread as being supportive of other members during these times. That's why I'm sharing this with you guys. We are going to the vet tomorrow (one who truly loves animals), to take care of her so that she won't suffer. The vet has discussed the options with us, and has highly recommended this course of action as she is progressing into a bad phase.

This always sucks. I've lost many animal friends, who I miss dearly. I'll miss this girl too, one who we never named fearing the worst.:crying:
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My prayers are with you. As the saying goes "What goes around comes around". This person will get what's coming to them one day for abandoning one of God's creatures in it's time of need. Thank God for people like you.

How awful! I cannot imagine abondoning one of my kitties even though there are times I want to never see them again :sad:

There is no sense in kitty suffering... Sounds like that is the best way to help her...

I have to go hug my cat now. :angel: :angel: :crying: :crying:
I've learned a couple of things from this experience. Firstly, people suck. Animals are not toys and shouldn't be treated as such, IMO. To me they are more like family members, and I do love them as much.

Secondly, I am a mush. I took a fond liking to this animal way too quickly, but she was after all, so cute and friendly. How could I resist such a loving demeanor?

Thirdly, putting animals down, even though it may be the best thing to alleviate suffering, is one of the toughest decisions an animal lover can do.

I tried to make her last night a good one. I pet her plenty, gave her all of the catnip she wanted, fed her favorite meal to her (egg and tuna) and talked to her. She slept in my bed for a good portion of the night (the wife was not home). It really hit me when the wife came home this morning to pick up the cat for her "appointment". Man, did it hit me. I didn't go, but I wanted to call the wife after she left to bring the cat back and call the appointment off. It had to be done I suppose. I just wish I had a few more moments with her.

One of these days hopefully, we will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge. Until then, I'll remember the good cat she was, and the little time we shared together. [/sap]

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There is a special place in heaven for you sir. :angel:
People that abandon their pets really piss me off. Regardless of whether they are healthy or not, it's just sickening.

This cat was lucky to have found you. Several others aren't that fortunate.
Originally posted by G19Tony
I have to go hug my cat now. :angel: :angel: :crying: :crying:

That story just absolutley tears me up. Bless you and your wife for CARING about God's unloved and unwanted beasts. I am so damned pissed when I hear how someone so heartless, yes, heartless could do that to a pet they once loved.........oh wait........they obviously did NOT love it.

This kitty's only "crimes" were being born and then coming down with a painful cancer tumor.

Do the right thing, and don't let her suffer anymore.


God bless her and God bless you guys.
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