Another reason why this whole approach is stupid.

Discussion in 'Covid-19 News/Info' started by MaxxAction, Sep 4, 2020.

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    Well, it's the internet, so I guess I'll argue.

    You left out some assumptions you hold from your title: "Another reason why this whole approach is stupid assuming the threat is low for most people as many increasingly believe to be the case."

    So, yes, cutting off your immune system from responding to threats and therefore weakening it is a bad idea, generally speaking.

    But, there are times when we purposely choose to isolate people from other germs and bio-hazards to treat them for a major problem or to avoid greater threats. (Wearing hazmat suits isn't ideal for strengthening the immune system, but it may be highly recommended if working in a toxic or irradiated zone for any length of time).

    So, the main question isn't "is this a smart thing to do for the immune system in general?" but, "Is this a necessary precaution based on the severity of the threat?"

    Many believe it is not, especially in light of lower death rates, generally decreasing case counts, and doubts about the validity of the numbers to begin with.

    Others still support it due to being in high-risk categories, or concerns about lingering effects, or just a heightened sense of caution.

    Everybody's different both in terms of risk and perspective.

    So, I get your point (and I agree more than I did 3-4 months ago), but thanks for the opportunity to be contrarian, nonetheless.