Another question on directions to Topton

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by Broadside, Aug 16, 2002.

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    Jan 14, 2001
    O.K. Sorry about this. But can anyone tell me how to get off of the Interstate near Topton and get to the range? I'll be coming from the Harrisburg direction.

    Also can anyone give me a approximate time to get from Baltimore to Topton? I know statsman put a link up to my last thread, but for some reason I'm not able to view it.

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    You can download and print a map from

    It's about 152 miles and two hours, forty-five minutes drive to the range.

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    Aug 6, 2002
    Here's better directions for next year:

    Route to Topton From Baltimore
    695 [ west/North] to

    I83 North Exit 5 mile 15 [ left exit ]
    I83 North

    I83 Exit 20 mile 41 [ in PA ]

    I81 North [ Gas is usually cheaper on the 83/81 run Look for Hess to be the cheapest ] Gas in
    Topton was also very cheap - a few miles south on Rt222 it was 3 cents cheaper ]

    I78 East [ watch for signs - I78 does connect directly to I81 ]

    I78 Exit 40A - go south on SR49/Krumsville Rd.

    Left on to Zettlemoyer Rd
    Left on to Wessner Rd

    Right on Long Lane Rd becomes Topton Rd

    Topton becomes N Main St
    Right on W Franklin St
    Right on N Home Ave
    Left on E Weis St becomes Main St
    Look for big Yellow Sign
    [ Looks like a big yellow dot from a distance ] on the right
    Right on Tina Ln drive slowly to end of TIna Ln - club is at the end of the road

    This is about 2h45m from Baltimore. Your mileage may vary!


    The Lincoln [ $60/night 2 people ] - Run by a very nice lady
    In Kutztown [ Kutztown Rd. & 222 - Literally ]
    Nice restaurant right next door - TC's - good food - nice staff
    To the hotel:
    Turn left out of Tina Ln on to Main St.
    Follow main street for approx. 15mins. [ you go thru 2 little towns ] until you see a bank on
    your right - Turn Right at the bank [ called Main St. ( there are Main St.'s EVERYWHERE)
    Main becomes Noble [ look at the street signs as you go] cross the railroad tracks.

    Nobel "T"s in Kutztown (lights) at Kutztown Rd. - turn left - go thru town and JUST before you would
    get on 222 - you will see the restaurant on your left - get in the left turn lane -
    turn left - watch for the stop sign!!!! - the hotel is dead ahead.