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Another great day at the range!

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by cliffsta, Aug 17, 2012.

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    Dec 3, 2009
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    Went to the outdoor range today and put 235 rounds through the gun. 200 were WWB 180gr FMJ and I shot 35 of my bonded JHP Winchester bullets (I'll explain later...).

    I'm still kinda flinchy but I got better as the afternoon went on. Working on pulling in all the slack of the trigger, then squeezing until it fires. I just anticipate the "bang" too much. But it got better towards the last 75 rounds. I'd consider my accuracy acceptable. I'm not driving nails by any stretch of the imagination but my groups are consistent. I was shooting high for the first half of the session but still within a few inches of the X. I think I'm doing well for a new shooter!

    I fired 50 rounds with the Wal-Mart light on the gun (Nebo PROTEC HP190) and the gun functioned just fine, and the light came through in one piece. Not a big fan of a weapon-mounted light, but it does function well if I ever have a need to attach it.

    Of the 235 rounds, I had ONE eject to the left, but to be honest, I think I limp-wristed it. It was HOT today and I was sweating a lot. Had to readjust my grip every few rounds because my hands were slipping. I admittedly got lazy with my grip, didn't readjust, and it spit the cartridge to the left. Reason I say this is, every other round came out perfectly to 4 o'clock. So it was either my poor grip or a bad round. I do NOT think it was the gun.

    I also had one FTF but that was def. the ammunition. I had three loose rounds of my SD ammo so I figured I'd shoot it off. Load in the magazine, rack the slide, and the gun goes click and not boom. Dropped the magazine, spit out the round, and checked the gun. I know the "tactical" response to a type one malfunction is just rack the slide and keep shooting, but I was just target shooting today. Better safe than sorry. Examined the round and it was deformed and obviously it wouldn't chamber properly. Set it aside and the other two JHP rounds fired okay, but to be honest, it scared me. So I loaded up another 34 of the JHP and fired them off. Admittedly, I have chambered several of these rounds more than once to practice loading and unloading the gun (bad, I know...), AND I (accidentally!!!) dropped a loaded magazine once... And I figure my safety going forward is more important than one box of ammunition. Kept one magazine's worth of the best-looking (a.k.a not-chambered) rounds to bring home.

    All in all I had a blast today. Round count in the gun is now just below 600. On my way home I stopped at Academy and picked up three more boxes of FMJ for the next time I go shoot (probably next Friday) as well as a box of JHP to reload into my magazines for just-in-case.

    Waiting on my expense report checks to come in so I can get my Mossberg 500 ordered...