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(another) Diamondback DB380 Range Report

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by Dmeister, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Dmeister


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    Sep 7, 2008
    Picked up a DB380 with a spare mag. and managed to find a source of .380, so I put 100 through it at our local indoor range to break it in.

    POI is about 2-3" straight down at 21 feet using the sights, but hits right on center if you cover the POA with the muzzle. I was able to keep them all on a 8x11 sheet of paper whether using a one or two handed grip.

    I had 50 WWB (flat nose FMJ) and 50 UMC (round nose FMJ) cartridges for the break-in. After 42 (7 mags) of flawless functioning with WWB, I started the UMC. The third and fourth mag of UMC had 1 failure to feed each.

    I knew that several people reported having problems after about 50 rounds. I also know that clearances are pretty tight with these tiny things, so after the second FTF I field stripped it, ran a boresnake through the barrel twice and reassembled. I immedately had a failure to chamber (I believe it was my fault - probably didn't pull the slide all the way back) that looked exactly like my two earlier FTFs. That makes me wonder if my hands weren't just getting tired trying to hold onto this little thing, and I was starting to limp-wrist it. For the rest of the session I concentrated on keeping a tight grip. Finished out the UMC and the rest of the WWB with zero further problems.

    Recoil felt pretty much like the Kahr 380. It was both easier to handle and more comfortable to shoot than the LCP - probably because the top of the grip is closer to the bore-line, and the grip is more contoured in general. The other big difference that I noticed between it and the LCP was that it seemed that I could get back on target quicker with the DB380.

    So the end result was two failures to feed with UMC FMJ after about 50 rounds. Boresnake cleaning the barrel and keeping a tight grip appeared to solve the FTF's. Cleaning and inspection found no unusual wear or damage. Haven't run any specialty ammo through it yet - that will be for the next trip.

    On another topic: The rear slide plate was installed a bit crooked and would not come off so I didn't try to force it. An email to the company resulted in the following statement: "You can push up on the plate to straighten it out. It is designed not to be removed for cleaning. We have put thousands of rounds through DB380’s without needing to strip the slide assembly." Giving the base of the slide plate a smack with a plastic punch and a small hammer did seat it into place.
  2. Glocken-spiel


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    Dec 27, 2009
    Southern Colorado
    good to hear about your success. my DB380 had a weak striker spring that the factory quickly fixed. i shot some aquila and PMC through it yesterday and it went well. i had two fail to feed because i was babying the slide after racking. i found that if i pull and let go she slams home cleanly with bullet in the chamber. i have high hopes for this pistol. i really like the size, concept and finish.