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Hello Mas,
I see a few threads down the line you recommended .380 Hornady XTP to a fella.

Do you feel it's a better carry / self defense ammo than the Hornady FTX?

Reason I ask, I carry the FTX when I have the .380 with me. The 90gr XTP I reload for practice ammo. Even though I have closely duplicated the FTX with my reloaded XTP, the FTX seems to be a better bullet with respect to our "filled gallon water jug ballistic test."
It's a very complicated test and performed under the strictest guidelines out in the swamps of Florida where we live.
What say you?

Thank you for your time.

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FGW, I'm no fan of the .380; with a ball round it has enough penetration (and perhaps too much), but no expansion, and that load for a century earned the .380 a reputation as a feeble round. With JHP, the little cartridge has enough oomph to expand, but not enough to drive the expanded bullet to the depth most of us would want. That's why I said, so long ago, "friends don't let friends carry mouse guns."

For the person who simply has to carry a .380, the Hornady XTP strikes me as making the best of a bad lot, in terms of giving the best possible balance of expansion and penetration that we can ask from an underpowered round. But it's one guy's opinion, and everyone is free to make their own choice.

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