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Another 3.5# Connector Question

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by mccannicalbob, Sep 12, 2010.

  1. mccannicalbob


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    Aug 29, 2010
    Henderson, Nevada
    I just installed a 3.5# connector, 8# trigger spring, and reduced power firing pin safety plunger spring (all Wolff springs from the Wolff Competition Trigger Pack). I did NOT install the reduced power striker spring. When all was said and done, I do have a lighter pull, but I have some creep in the trigger after the slack is taken up that wasn't there before. I also have polished the appropriate spots on the connector and trigger bar. Is there something else I can do to bring some of the "crispness" back that I had with the stock parts?
  2. JR

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    Dec 29, 1998
    Oldtown Idaho USA
    The 3.5 has a longer ramp than a 5 lb. You are going to get more travel with this connector. Let me try to explain it this way: You want to load a 55 gal drum in the back of your truck.

    You get a short ramp... about 5 feet long. Yah its tough to push the drum up this ramp but its also a short distance. Lets call this 5 ft ramp a 8 lb connector.
    Now you pick up a 12 ft ramp and load the same drum. Its quite a bit easier to load but longer distance... not as crisp. Lets call this one a 5 lb connector.
    Seeing how this is an experiment... you decide to use a 25 ft ramp. WOW.. no effort at all. loading the drum is EASY but man.... it sure is a long way to get there. Lets call this a 3.5 connector

    Pick your ramp! Yes there is stuff you can do to make the trigger feel different however the inherent feel is controlled by the connector