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Ano ibig sabihin ng AOE?

  1. Ano ba ang ibig sabihin ng acronym na AOE sa nabili kong scope na 6 x 24, 50 AOE? Aquila Optical and Electronics ba? Paano gumamit ng 30/30 rangefinder reticle? Yung me funnel na shape? Itataas ba ang asinta hanggang magkasya sa funnel ang target?
  2. To my knowledge AO means Adjustable Objective. I'm not sure what the E is for.
  3. Hi Sir,

    Newbie here, i think it means adjustable objective illuminated reticle.


  4. Father,

    You might mean 6-24x, 50 AOE. 6-24 is the magnification range; so you can adjust magnification between 6 to 24 times normal. The 50 is the diameter of the objective (front) lens in millimeters. That is a big objective lens you have there. It will gather a lot of light and will result in very clear scope images, but is bigger and heavier. Usually for .22 rimfires a maximum 30 mm. diameter objective lens will do. AO means adjustable objective, as opposed to fixed objective. It simply means you can adjust the objective lens' magnification from 6 to 24 times. IIRC this also adjusts the scope's parallax (parallax: something like the clearest focus vis-a-vis a given distance yata). Other hunting scopes for reasons of economy and reliability have fixed objectives (usually, 4x yata). The E in AOE might stand for electronic. Do you have an illuminated reticle? This is very useflul when shooting a target with a dark or cluttered background; like shooting a bird up a leafy and shady tree. The crosshairs could disappear in the shadows.

    The rangefinder reticle is for target range estimation. Depending on the standard used (US Army or US Marines), one reticle interval is equilavent to around x meters height at y meters distance. If you sight a standing person whom you estimate is about x meters tall and he occupies one reticle interval in your scope sight, it means he is y meters away. If he covers half a reticle interval, he is around 2y meters away, etc.

    Your adjustment of the scope to address the distance will now depend on the rifle, ammo, etc. that you use. The reticle will only tell you the distance to the target. The amount of hold over or under will be determined by your rifle, ammo, angle of fire, etc.. For example, a particular file using a cartridge with x grains bullet weight, y amount of powder; and z type and brand of powder, will have a bullet drop of two inches at 300 yards, eight inches at 600 yards, etc.

    The horizontal reticle indicators will help in adjustment for wind conditions. Hope this helps.
  5. Thanks Taurus, thanks guys. Helped a lot. It's true that this a big scope for a .22 LR but I got it for only 5.5T. Me illuminated reticle din. Di naman ako puputok siguro ng mas malayo sa 75 yds pero maganda na din ang malaking scope.

    Used to have a 6x9, 32 Bushnell.
  6. It could also mean ammunition and supply ship of USN
  7. Another acronym for AOE is Angels on Earth;)