Anniversary Surprise

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    There is this couple celebrating their 20th anniversary. The husband decides to do something special for his wife. So he gets up early to make her breakfast in bed. When the wife wakes up, she is totally amazed. "Oh John, thank you so much. I didn't expect this!" The husband than tells her that he has another surprise, but for that she must wear a blindfold. So the woman is blindfolded and the man leads her the way.

    Twelve hours later John tells his wife to take off the blindfold. She takes it off and is totally stunned and very excited she shouts: "Oh John.... !!!! We are in Paris, aren't we ??!! This is the best gift you could ever give me! What can I expect when we have our 40th anniversary??!!"

    "Well that's quite simple,"John answers...... "That's when I come to pick you up again!"