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Anderson, SC 2006 Debriefing

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Please post your stories here. Wish I were there.
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Woo Hoo !!, I get to be the first to post.:supergrin:

Had a great time today, got there about 8:45, and the SO's were finishing up on their briefing. Found out that I do better with the 23, than I do with the 22. Go figure :upeyes:

The Plates were ruff today, but heck, I haven't been to a GSSF match in about a year.

I really like the new "system" that is in place, for the scoring. Two Thumbs Up:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

All in all, it was a GREAT DAY !!:cheers:
At one time I owned all the 9mm Glock sizes--G17, G17L, G19, G26 & G34. I always shot best with the G19.:)
The Anderson match was VERY well ran on Saturday! Don and I had only a few minutes wait on all the courses of fire. The weather was nice, a little cloudy and the temps where 80's. We saw Terminator and his better half and Ole Fireglock and Glocknstein also made it! As always we met a lot of new GSSF shooters and it was a pleasure to do so!

All and all, I would say that Anderson was another success! I would like to thank all the RO's that worked Saturday to make our day such a pleasent day! Your folks are GREAT!:thumbsup:

Yep, the weather was great and the range was in perfect shape. There was tremendous RO support as there was nearly no waiting at any stage. Dan and I shot through all stages in 3 categories in about 2 hours and that included some visit time. This match is near the top as THE BEST RUN matches to date. I did my best to try and thank every RO for their great support. But just in case I missed someone let me just say "THANK YOU". You all did a fantastic job. It was truely a very enjoyable day at the range. I sure don't want to over look the GSSF Staff either Chris, Scott, Cindy and Mark had their act together. Thanks for a great job. We also had the pleasure of watching Chris and Fireglock have a little one on one at the plate rack which is always fun to watch, even when it's "OLD GLENN" and Chris. :tongueout: :banana: :rofl: ;) :thumbsup:
Shot the match today (Saturday) and it was fantastic. Got there at 12:30 and left at 2:00. The only reason I was there so long was because of all the time I spent talking to the other shooters. Picked up alot of good tips too! I shot Am Civ(w/G23)and Am Comp (w/G34). I did not have to wait in line for either the Glock-M or Five to Glock Courses of Fire. I just walked up and was shooting before I could even catch my breath from the hike over. I was third in line for the plates and that was fine by me. I got to watch Don and Dan from Team Carver shoot and that was exciting. Dan with his unlimited gun was awesome.! :shocked:

If you are on the bubble whether you want to go or not on Sunday... I HIGHLY recommend it! It is a great range, plenty of places to find food around the area and the drive past Lake Hartwell is beautiful. BTW I understand there was somebody there last year selling food, but this year you are on your own.
Not to make a pun but had a Blast as usual! love making the trip to Anderson and Skip and the crew makes it a wonderful match. Great weather, great friends and a great time, who could ask for more.

I got to see many of our GSSF family, and still missed several that didnt make it. the ones that did Dan J, Dan T, Don, Jerry, Ray Ray, Alan, Bob, Pat, Big Ed, M Leeber, and the list just goes on and on. Its always a pleasure and the reason that i make these trips. :yourock:

The ones that didnt: Coach and Vick, Im sending out a search party at first light or one of the Teams from little creek to see whats happened to you guys. Mr Berger, Jason and Michelle, Gene, GleNN, Double tap, Dominic, Dean, Rick, Ron, Kaye and Jimmy, Grady W. Bobby C and all the rest of our beloved family, We missed you and hope to see you sometime.

The range officers did a super job as always and many many thanks for the hard work from the GSSF crew. :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :beer: :perfect10:

I didnt shoot my best but im getting back on track. I stayed under the century mark where i wanted and i was very pleased with that. Im looking forward to the next match which for me looks like it will be in Pennsacola. :cool:
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i've been to a couple other GSSF matches this year and this was as well run as any if not better than most. i don't think i ever had more the a few shooters in front of me. only down side to it that i saw was there was no place to get a hot dog or hambuger at the range. it's always great to see all my shooting friends, even got my picture posted on the internet. someone said it was like a rose between two thorns, or something like that. i don't think i could of screwed up MSub any more if i'd tried. i might of redeemed myself in AmCiv. i hated to leave anderson but i need to get to putnam county WV to shoot USPSA on sunday. i'm in VA now about 30 miles from the VA/WV line. sunday nite i'll get to sleep in my own bed for the first time in a week and then i'm off again for another week. shooting USPSA monday in dayton.
Geee and I missed it!:wave:

Originally posted by Pharaoh
Geee and I missed it!:wave:

You where missed by all! Even Cindy asked about you!;)

One thing that I was thinking about after I got home was that I could have sworn the Glock-M COF that I shot was in reverse ("M" was now a "W"). I assume this is a new change? :dunno:
There are 5 veriations of the "Glock M" and 7 "5 To Glock" now and you will not know which one they will set up until the day of the match!:shocked:
By the way Roy, it was nice to meet you and to talk to you at the Plates.
Great to see all of you guys! I am not ROing in Conyers so I hope to have more time to visit.

My scores stunk! I had to shoot quickly at the lunch break since I was ROing but I was glad to get a chuckle out of FireGlock with a 3 second run at the 5 to Glock. I think I will take a page out of Ede's book at the next match and break my 6 categories down shooting 2 at a time and visiting between them.

Finally got to meet Grady and RO him on the plates...I am in no hurry to get bumped to Master now, I can't play at that level!

Hope to see you guys in Conyers!

That was FUN!! My first match of the season. Weather was perfect. RO's even more perfect. Hardly any waiting (did the match in slightly less than an hour). And I LOVE that good ole' adrenalin RUSH!! Well, gotta go sit by the phone with confidence...:banana:I bought a ticket for the drawing of the glock! :thumbsup:
Bob and I shot on Saturday and I too want to thank the RO's for their work. They did a fantastic job. They had a lot of new workers but all were friendly, helpful, and did run everyone through in ample time. Only had to wait a short while at the plates, but not for long.

The weather was very pleasant for Anderson. No rain or snow. It was a bit muggy, and when we finished I could have used a soda, but they did sell cold water and that worked just about as well.

Vicki, Coach, Pete, and others were missed. Hopefully we will see the whole gang at another match. Bob and I will miss the Conyers and Lexington matches. Our schedules won't allow us to shoot those. But we will be at the Orlando match.
there was Glockmom,Daniel, and Aaron, Mrs L and Lethal


for those of you, and you know who you are, You Know Who.

click here
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My son Conlon and I just got home from the match. We both had a wonderful time as always. The ranges are conveniently laid out and easily accessible from town. The weather was perfect. But of course, what makes GSSF the best shooting sport going is the hospitality extended by the host club. Thank you to the GSSF staff, Range Officers and all the volunteers who work so hard to make everyone feel welcome. You're the greatest!! See you next year!!!
This was first GSSF match that I worked. It was good to give back to a sport that I enjoy! I like to thank the Fla gang, Dan, Don, Jerry and Don for taking the time to stop by and see us!The rest of the day the crew we worked with kept calling my GF "peggy" ! What a hoot!:banana: :thumbsup:
Originally posted by Invictus
This was first GSSF match that I worked. It was good to give back to a sport that I enjoy! I like to thank the Fla gang, Dan, Don, Jerry and Don for taking the time to stop by and see us!The rest of the day the crew we worked with kept calling my GF "peggy" ! What a hoot!:banana: :thumbsup:

Hope she is feeling better now. It took me a few years to determine the night before parties come with a price. Great seeing you both.:thumbsup:
Yes, thanks to the host club and all the volunteers. As usual, everyone was extremely polite and hospitable. Weather was great, camaraderie was great, and seeing ole Invictus again was good. Haven't seen him in a while. He is usually in "stealth" mode. Hope to see everyone again in Conyers.
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