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    Threat Sent To The Pentagon Turns Out To Be Hoax:

    A 43-year-old man with no criminal history, decided to send a fake threat to the Pentagon to test if the system worked. David S. Wollard is accused of sending an email to the Pentagon saying that there would be a "widespread attack on Patrick Air Force Base and the surrounding area," police said. If convicted, Wollard could face up to 15 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.
    -Florida Today: 7/5/02
    -Associated Press: 7/5/02
    -Herald Tribune: 7/5/02

    Man Hides $20,000 In Oven:

    A man who hid $20,000 in his girlfriend's oven nearly lost it all due to a fire. Firefighters were able to save $10,780 thanks to their quick response time. According to official, the money caught on fire because of the pilot light. Capt. Robert Kelly told reporters, "We are trying to determine if there is a criminal element to this."
    -Associated Press: 5/23/02

    DNA Test Backfires For Convicted Rapist:

    At first it seemed like one of those stories that make the headlines, and cause intense public outrage, but in the end hundreds of supporters for convicted rapist Benjamin LaGuer's were shocked and betrayed. It all started in 1983, when Benjamin LaGuer was arrested for allegedly raping his neighbor, and 1 year later LaGuer was convicted by an all white jury, who, during the course of the trial, made many racist comments, according to court transcripts. For 19 years Benjamin gained supporters, because of the circumstances of the trial and evidence. Since DNA was still being discovered in 1984, the only evidence against LaGuer was the fact that he fit the profile of the rapist, and was identified by one witness. There was no way to connect LaGuer to the crime scene, he had no criminal record and the victim suffered from schizophrenia. For 19 years he tried to prove his innocence, and finally, after raising $30,000 and getting hundreds of supporters, including Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Noam Chomsky and Boston University President John Silber, LaGuer convinced the court of Massachusetts to grant him a DNA test. According to court records obtained by Weird News Online, three different samples of blood found at the crime scene were analyzed, including blood on a towel found on the floor under the victim, and a blood soaked tissue found at the scene. After analyzing all the DNA evidence, an expert in the field of DNA was able to determine that Benjamin LaGuer was in fact guilty. What is even worse, is that according to unsubstantiated reports, LaGuer's DNA might even be connected to another rape which has never been solved.
    -Boston Globe: 3/28/02
    -Massachusetts court document No. 83103391: 5/2/01

    Practical Joke Gets Man 15-Years In Federal Prison:

    A man, who played a practical joke on his wife, was sentenced on Thursday to 15-years in federal prison, without parole. Jeffery Prince Barber, 44, came up with the idea to scare his wife and executed it in May 2000. He fired one round from his .22-caliber rifle, then smeared ketchup on his face and body, and lay on the floor of the couple's bedroom. When his wife heard the shot, and saw her husband on the floor, with an apparent gun shot wound, she called 911. When police arrived they found Jeffery Barber very much alive, holding his rifle, with one spent round. Further investigation revealed several guns along with ammunition, so police arrested Barber. Since Jeffery Barber had been convicted on previous felony charges for violent crimes, he was banned from owning a gun. He pled guilty to illegal ownership of the rifle, and had to face the mandatory sentence of 15-years to life.
    -Charlotte Observer: 5/4/02

    Convicted Murderer Sues Jail Because He Can't Sleep:

    David Wild, 65, is attempting to sue a prison in Canada where he is being held, because the guards keep him up all night. Wild is in prison because he murdered his girlfriend in 1989, and says that the prison guards have deprived him of sleep 509 times in five years. He says that he has suffered permanent headaches, blurred and double vision, loss of balance and depression, all caused by noisy guards.
    -Ananova: 3/14/02

    Prison Suicide Victim Leaves Note Telling Lawyer To Sue:

    A female murder suspect who incarcerated at the Hernando County Jail in Florida, committed suicide by hanging herself, left a suicide note with instructions telling her lawyer to sue the prison. She asked for her lawyer to sue the prison for failing to prevent her from killing herself, and she added that all the money gained from the lawsuit should go to her children. This is the content of the letter: "This is all I can give to my children. My actions now will allow them to move into the future without this heavy burden. They won't have to watch my trial on Court TV. It should all die with me."
    -Houston Chronicle: 4/4/02
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    But probably (like most of these "accounts") is probably false. How does jury deliberations get into court records?



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    During the TRIAL, not deliberations.