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And the next SCOTUS nominee will be:

  1. Ted Cruz :flag:

    Many here are very interested in 2nd Amendment issues, and Ted Cruz is one of the best in support of the original intent of our founders.

    He supports the original intent of the COTUS/BOR, as Scalia did......

    This is the place to discuss who you'd like to see nominated and/or discuss other's picks.
  2. I thought Ted said he wasn't interested in a SCOTUS seat... Or was that purely for "public consumption"? :dunno:

  3. Ready for a Laugh ?????

    TV Judge Andrew Napolitano
  4. Ted has already deferred the possible appointment to SCOTUS. I’d love it, but it’s not happening.

  5. I do not know, but I do know that I'd be enthusiastic about his nomination, if it did happen. I'm sure he's contemplating this question to himself right now.......

    For you Texans.......what would this mean for the senate seat he'd vacate?
  6. No, Ted probably has some skeletons best left in the closet so I think that's why he wisely ducked out of contention for the Supreme Court.
  7. Ha......that would be a good way to screw ourselves! :crazy:
  8. Cruz has said that he doesn’t want the appointment. Not sure who the other nominees are.
  9. If there were skeletons.......you don't think the D's haven't already looked in every possible nook and cranny to find them?
  10. Trump will nominate Amy Barrett Browning.
  11. Amy Coney Barrett.
  12. Doh! That's what I meant to say!
  13. I would use the opportunity to troll it.

    I'd release the top 5, with his name on it. Then sit back and smile.
  14. Amy for the win!
  15. Amy Coney Barrett.
  16. Not necessarily. But any supreme court nominee's past you can be sure will go under the democrats electron microscope for any trace of a story they can magnify into something unseemly and they will pay for "witnesses" to come forth from 39 years ago etc. Thing's that may or may not be true but which could hurt someones re-election should the appointment not succeed. And if the Democrats can tie some foul deed of the appointee to a collusion in said deed with Trump and before the 2020 election, all the more better.
  17. I would have liked Ted Nugent. But this Ted will have to do.
  18. I voted no, NOT because I wouldn't want Cruz on the SCOTUS. I want Cruz staying in his Senate seat for the next four years. I want Trump to nominate Amy Coney Barrett for the SCOTUS position. I want Cruz voting to confirm her.
  19. I voted no, for one simple reason: We can't afford to lose any more Republicans in the Senate!

  20. Or......no matter who is nominated, the D's will just find someone willing to make up a few total lies.....ala: Christine Blasey Ford!
  21. I think she is front runner. However, she has two strikes against her. 1. not ivy JD and 2. professed strong Catholic. Also, has a BIG plus. She clerked for Scalia. BTW, I love her because the Left hates her, perhaps more than Cruz and that is saying something. :cheers:
  22. Good point!
  23. Probably need every senator you can get for a pick to happen. Can Cruz vote on Cruz?
  24. I hope not. She went to a women's only Liberal Arts College, and has no history on judgements on 2nd Amendment Issues. I have a feeling she'd be one of those obnoxious Catholics who think that babies shouldn't be murdered, and that guns kill people by themselves.

    I want Colion Noir. Completely unrealistic, but a man can hope.
  25. Well, the 2nd amendment is under attack, so we do need someone with history, as well as knowledge of just why our founders included the 2A.......and exactly what they meant. We have too many people who want to twist the words to mean something the founders never intended.

    Trump knows this all too well, so I'm sure whomever he nominates, will be in the mold of Antonin Scalia.
  26. Condoleezza Rice? There is nothing that says you have to be a lawyer. She does have a PHD and working knowledge of federal procedures.
  27. I think lying Ted would be a great judge. But I don't think he said he was interested.
  28. I have a distinct suspicion that a few people are willing to give a woman an edge in this process. I hadn't considered it before this moment, but that may be an advantage because we currently don't have any women who are willing to take a stand for the original intent of the COTUS.........

    We might be better served if there are a few "cat fights" among the woman justices.......rather than to be seen as women vs men in the SCOTUS.
  29. If I'm remembering right, CR is very pro 2nd amendment.
  30. Or Trump during the primaries, he certainly wasn't pulling any punches on Lyin' Ted.

    Yes I think Cruz would be great on the SCOTUS, but I don't think he wants to go there ... yet.
  31. IMPO, If Trump has ANY CHANCE of getting his nomination on the bench, it's GOT to be a woman.

    A WHITE GUY will never make the cut.
  32. Likely true. Sad that we have to play race/gender identity politics as well, in stead of picking the best option.

    Any black females on the short list?
  33. I voted yes, but he wouldn't be able to vote for his own confirmation and we need every vote we can get.

    It needs to be a woman, a minority would be a plus. We have to keep Romney and the other moderates in line and not give them any excuse to vote no.
  34. I'm not up on Federal Appellate Judges and I do hate that this game has to be played. But putting up a qualified, black, conservative woman for Dems to slander and refuse to confirm days before an election is too good an opportunity to pass on. I just don't know if one exists.
  35. I say no, but only because we need him in the Senate where we have a narrow majority.
  36. She's an establishment Republican from the Bush wing of the party. She could turn out to be another John Roberts.
  37. I would like to see Cruz as a justice but at this point in time his senate seat should not be jeopardized.
  38. I think Ted would do a great job but, I think he'll pick a woman just to dare them to throw a tantrum.
  39. Yeah... It's partly luck of the draw, but that is my reservation also.

  40. Is he a real Hispanic or one of those that had to learn the Language?

    If he's real then throw him on the train. We need the Spanish vote and it will make Biden crap his Depends.

    OK I see that Sonia Sotomayor is of Puerto Rican descent so it gets tricky here. Trump needs Texas and throwing a bone to that state "will" help him even if the cowards in the Senate don't ratify him.

    A conservative Black woman would work but its probably not going to get him votes much. A Hispanic will and he needs both TX. and FL. .

    Yaknow after watching this game for 62 years you get a feel for their moves and counter moves. I say nominate the guy and let Biden by the bad guy.
  41. Didn’t the Cruz family kill JFK?
  42. Coney Barrett clerked for Scalia if that counts.

  43. And the next SCOTUS nominee will be:

    From DJT, pre or post election.
  44. Amy Barrett will be a great pick. The Dems will have a hard time attacking her.
  45. Condoleezza Rice?
    HELL NO!
    Haven't we learned anything about Bush era so called Republicans?
  46. Bernhard Goetz
  47. Judge Jeanine!