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And here we go again.......

  1. I feel your pain. Local newspaper here tried to do the same thing. Luckily the governor told them to take a hike and now they are attempting to pass a bill to prevent non LE from having access to that info.

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  2. Here in Arkansas, a bill was passed the last time a newspaper published chl information that restricted the data down to name and zip code.

    There is currently a bill pending that would take the entire database offline and inaccessible via foia.

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  3. And, you know some of those people have to be undercover law enforcement officers, and witnesses to crimes, victims of stalkers, and domestic violence.

    How conveinent for those who really need to kill them.
  4. Exactly my thoughts with this as well.
  5. No worries in SoCal since there aren't many CCW holders so it's a short list... but it will never happen here anyway because most of them are politicians and celebrities with connections so the papers won't out them.

    LA County Sheriff issued a grand total of 500 permits in a county of 10 million and he told the newspapers that he thought it was an adequate number of permits... mostly to judges, retired DA's, celebrities, and those who donated to his campaign... if you guys recall the infamous LA County "celebrity" reserve program, you know the story.
  6. I just checked out www.heavy.com (the "news" site requesting the gun info)

    What a joke! Its half advertising, with a random collection of aggregated news. It appears to have no theme, no original work (journalistic or otherwise), its just a collection of random news stories from other sources. Definitely NOT serious journalism.

    Makes me think something else is going on here. Like this website is fronting for some other organization that wants the info, but doesn't want to be on record as having asked for it.
  7. That was my thoughts on it as well.
  8. Heavy is not a serious site. They used to have random videos and jokes when they started as the main content.