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Ancient Jake has passed.

  1. Ancient Jake was the name we gave him years ago when he was simply old. Old buddy crossed the bridge today at our most conservative guess, eighteen. We got Jake at the shelter ten years ago when he was almost eight and nobody wanted anything other than puppies. What was left of his tail looked like it had been put in a dull pencil sharpener and he possessed a set of ribs that had more healed fractures than than Evel Knieval. Took a year or so to warm up to us but took a real liking to watching BBC mysteries. Wonderful dog. HH 10628743_10204884644583740_8319134727602788286_o.jpg jake miss marple.jpg
  2. Sorry to hear about Jake, Hollow. Great pics of him, especially the first one.

  3. Condolences for your loss, you were lucky to have his love and he yours.
  4. I am sorry. My condolences Hollow Head. It sucks loosing an old friend. And when that friend is a loyal pet it seems to suck twice as much.

    Is it to soon to ask? Will you be getting another? Life alone leaves an awful lot to be desired. Or at least that is my belief.

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  5. In time. The GSD, two cats and three horses keep us busy enough. HH
  6. Deepest condolences. Sounds like you saved him from a bad place and gave him a great life. He'll be waiting in good company for you, and in the meantime the remaining critters will keep you company and help to ease his passing.

  7. I'm very sorry to hear this buddy. My thoughts and prayers to you and your family. I too have lost a pet, and it's not fun.
  8. I am sorry to hear about this. To my wife and me, our pets are our family.
  9. Sorry to hear that. Sounds like you gave him a wonderful home
  10. I'm sorry to hear AJ passed. :frown: Our furry friends :dog:don't stay with us long enough.:crying:
  11. Very sorry for your loss.
    Jake sounds like he found his angel in you.
  12. Damn.

    RIP Jake.

    Who's a good boy?
  13. Sorry for your loss. I’m sure he knew he was THE best doggie...EVER!!!
  14. Sorry for your loss. They bring us a lot of joy, so sad they are with us for a short time. One of my neighbors died and they were going to put her old blind and deaf old dog down. The next door lady said no and they took the dog in, what a great gesture.
  15. Prayers sent in your time of sorrow. RIP, AJ. tom.
  16. So sorry for your loss. RIP. They go too soon.
  17. I hope he’s playing with mine
  18. Sorry for your loss HH.
    RIP Jake [emoji120]

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  19. Sorry for your loss, Thank You for saving him from the shelter, and giving him an extended happy life.
  20. Very sorry for your loss. We truly dont deserve dogs...such loving and selfless creatures.
  21. I'm very sorry to HH. Hopefully your sadness ebbs soon allowing you to reflect on him with smiles and knowing you gave him a great life.
  22. Sorry for your loss HH. AJ lived a very long happy life because you were so kind to take him in your home, let him live a very great long life, and AJ knew that. That is why he lived so long.

    Condolences to you sir. RIP AJ :angel:
  23. Good on you, for giving him a good life.
  24. So sorry for the loss of your loyal friend

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  25. I'm sorry for your loss. Sounds like you made each other's lives better.
  26. That's a good haul. Sorry for your loss.
  27. Sorry for your loss HH, you gave Jake a good life.
  28. Very sorry for your loss. He knows you gave him the best life he could have. You’ll see him again one day, I promise that.
  29. Sorry to hear, HH. It's looking like my sweet girl Marley is not long for the world, either. She's 15 (border collie mix) and getting up stairs is starting to become a real issue.

    Sorry again, HH.
  30. Sorry to hear that....it's always so hard to let them go.
  31. Very sorry to hear of Jake's passing, Sir.

    You folks are great people for taking him in. You gave him a new life.
  32. Sorry. Is the other dog moping?
  33. He is a fine dog!

    God bless you and your family my friend.
  34. that’s a long life for a for a dog, especially one that size.
    I would say he hung around that long because the second part of his life was so much better than the first.
  35. RIP Jake.

    Thanks for giving Jake such a wonderful second chance. :goodpost:
  36. Your a good man Hollowhead, you gave that nice dog a enjoyable life after what seemed to be a life of abuse. My condolences.
  37. What a wonderful thing. You ensured the last half of his life was what his entire life should have been. I’m sure it took awhile for him to learn he could trust you.
    A dog we had was just locked in basement. (We assume) zero cringe reflex when hand raised. Even that took a long time before he went into basement, trusting he wouldn’t be locked down there.
  38. 18 years is a long time for a dog, bet it was the love and finally a true home you provided that made him go this long. Dogs have a unique ability to pay things forward and this may have been his way to you. God Bless....................
  39. Always tough loosing a beloved pet. They give way more than they get...
  40. So sorry to read this. The next time you see Jake he will be happy and in perfect health.
  41. Sorry for your loss. Always tough when your 4 legged children pass.
  42. My condolences on your loss! Looks like a fine dog. He will await your arrival no matter how long it takes.
  43. My condolences. I lost my little Pomeranian about 5 years ago, I still think about her.
    She was part of our family. When you have a pet that you love dearly, the love is returned unconditionally. Sorry for your loss.
  44. My condolences on the loss of your furry friend, Jake. you gave him a good forever home.
  45. We are so very sorry for your loss. Our kids are rescue pups and they are family. RIP Jake!
  46. I'm sorry for the loss, but grateful for the years of love and companionship!
    Dogs are so very awesome!
  47. So sorry for your loss, HH. Jake was certainly blessed to have you as you were to have him. I too believe he is with God and happy and well now. You are in my prayers.

    I still miss our little Buster. He was part of our family and it's hard to let them go.
  48. HH,
    Sorry for the loss of your friend. You have others but they never fill the hole left behind. Condolences on your loss.
  49. HH, sorry for your loss. You done a good deed by adopting him. He'll be waiting on you across the bridge. I always said I like dogs better than most people.
  50. May you be the person your dog thought you were!