An Open Letter To Our Leaders: Why We Are Not Out in the Streets by Bong Austero

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    Dear Tita Cory, Senators, Congressmen,
    Businessmen, Media people,
    Leftists, and all Bleeding Hearts Out There:

    I am angry. And I know that there are many out
    there who are angrier than
    I am for the same reason. And that reason is
    simple. I am sick and tired
    of all you guys claiming to speak for me and many
    Filipinos. I feel like
    screaming every time you mouth words about
    fighting for my freedom and my
    rights, when you obviously are just thinking
    about yours.

    You tell me that the essence of democracy is
    providing every citizen the
    right to speak his or her mind and make his or
    her own informed judgments,
    but you yourselves do not respect my silence and
    the choices I and many
    others have made. In other words, your concept of
    democracy is limited to
    having your rights and your freedoms respected,
    at the expense of ours.

    I am utterly flabbergasted that you still do not
    get it: we already
    responded to your calls, and our response has
    been very clear - we chose
    not to heed your calls to go to EDSA or to Fort
    Bonifacio not because we
    do not love our country or our freedoms or our
    rights, but precisely
    because we love our country even more. Because
    quite frankly, we are
    prepared to lose our freedoms and our rights just
    to move this country

    You may counter with your ideological propaganda
    and give me all the dire
    warnings about the evils of Martial Law,
    authoritarian rule, suppression
    of freedom, etc., but quite frankly all we see
    are your pathetic efforts
    to defend your right to continue fulminating,
    filibustering, and
    sabotaging this country until you wrestle power
    for yourselves. You tell
    me that you are simply protecting my freedoms and
    my rights, but who told
    you to do that? I assure you that when I feel
    that my rights and my
    freedoms are at a peril, I will stand up and
    fight for them myself. I have
    done in the past, and I will do it again when I
    when you tell me to do it.

    You tell us that GMA is not the right person to
    lead this country because
    she has done immoral acts. As someone who sees
    immorality being committed
    wantonly in many ways every day and by everyone
    (yes, including the ones
    you do), I may have become jaded. I may have
    lowered my standards about
    what a leader should be. Guess what, Tita Cory,
    you lowered it yourself.
    When I accepted your incompetence and fought for
    you during the many
    attempts against your government, I already
    lowered the standards to
    ridiculous levels. Guess what, Senators and
    Congressmen, you lowered it
    yourselves when you ran for office and won and
    now make fools of
    yourselves in the august halls of congress.

    But the simple truth that you try to obfuscate is
    this: you have not been
    able to offer me any viable alternative! On the
    other hand, GMA has bent
    over backwards many times to accommodate you
    while continuing to work hard
    despite all the obstacles and the brickbats you
    have thrown her way. From
    where I sit, she is the one who has been working
    really hard to move this
    country forward while all of you have been so
    busy with one and only one
    thing: to make sure she does not succeed. So
    forgive me if I do not want
    to join you in your moral pissing contest.
    Forgive me if I have chosen to
    see things from another perspective. You say she
    is the problem. I say, we
    are - all of us is the problem; more to the
    point, I think you are a
    bigger problem than she is. Taking her out may
    solve part of the problem,
    but that leaves us with a bigger problem: you.
    That is right, YOU!

    While I felt outraged that she called a Comelec
    official during the
    elections and that she may have rigged the
    elections, I have since then
    taken the higher moral ground and forgiven her.
    Yes my dear bishops, I
    have done what you have told me to do since I was
    a child, which you say
    is the Christian and moral thing to do: forgive.
    Especially since she has
    asked for forgiveness and has tried to make
    amends for it. Erap certainly
    has not apologized and continues to be defiant,
    continuing to insult us
    everyday with his protestations - and he is part
    of your cause now! Cory
    has not apologized for her incompetence but we
    have forgiven her just the
    same because like GMA, she has worked hard after

    I know you do not think that GMA's apology was
    not enough, or that she was
    insincere, or that that apology should not be the
    end of it, but please
    spare me the hypocrisy of telling me that you do
    so for the sake of
    protecting the moral fiber of society. The real
    reason is because you
    smell blood and wants to go for the kill.

    We ll, I have news for you. I do not like her
    too. I did not even vote for
    her. I voted for Raul Roco. But as much as I do
    not like her, I do not
    like you even more. I may not trust her, but you
    know what, I do not trust
    you even more.

    You know why I do not trust you? Because all you
    do is whine and sabotage
    this country. You belittle every little progress
    we make, conveniently
    forgetting that it is not just GMA who has been
    working so hard to achieve
    them. Every single day, we keep the faith burning
    in our hearts that this
    country will finally pull itself out of the mess
    and we work so hard to do
    that. Every little progress is the result of our
    collective effort, we who
    toil hard everyday in our jobs. Yet, you persist
    in one and only thing:
    making GMA look bad in the eyes of the world and
    making sure that this
    country continues to suffer to prove your sorry
    point. In the process, you
    continue to destroy what we painstakingly try to
    build. So please do not
    be surprised that I do not share your cause. Do
    not be surprised that we
    have become contemptuous of your antics. You have
    moved heaven and earth
    to destroy her credibility, you have convened all
    kinds of fora and
    hearings and all you have done is test our
    patience to the core. For all
    your efforts, you have only succeeded in dragging
    us further down. I say

    Don't get me wrong. I am not asking that we take
    immorality lying down, or
    that we let the President get away with anything
    illegal. But you have
    tried to prove your accusations all these time
    and you have not succeeded,
    so it is time to let things be. Besides, you are
    doing something immoral
    as well if not utterly unforgivable. The Magdalo
    soldiers are consorting
    with the communists - the same people who have
    been trying to kill
    democracy for years. Cory has been consorting
    with Erap and the Marcoses.

    So please wake up and take a reality check. In
    the absence of true and
    genuine moral leadership, many of us have decided
    to cast our lot with the
    President, even if we do not like her. A flawed
    leader is better than
    scheming power hungry fools who can not even
    stand up for their
    convictions in the face of an impending arrest.

    Your coup attempts and the denials that you have
    consequently made only
    underscore what we think is true: you are
    spineless and unreliable people
    who only want power but not the consequences and
    the sacrifices that go
    with the quest. Your one and only defense is to
    cry suppression when your
    ruse does not work. You are nothing but BULLIES
    who taunt and provoke, but
    cry oppression when taken to task for your
    cruelty. You call for the rule
    of law and respect for authority, but so brazenly
    display your defiance
    and disrespect for the same things you claim to
    be fighting for.

    I would have respected you if you took the
    consequences of your actions
    like real heroes: calmly and responsibly instead
    of kicking and screaming
    and making all kinds of lame excuses. You say you
    are willing to die for
    us, that you do all these things for the country
    and the Filipino, but you
    are not even willing to go to jail for us.

    Come on, you really think we believe that you did
    not want to bring down
    the government when THAT IS THE ONE AND ONLY ONE
    BEEN DESPERATELY TRYING TO DO in the last many

    We love this country and we want peace and
    progress. Many among us do not
    give a f*&k who sits at Malacanang because we
    will work hard and do our
    share to make things work. We the people will and
    can make it work, if
    only you get out of the way and let us do it. If
    you only do your jobs,
    the ones you are supposed to be doing, things
    would be a lot simpler and
    easier for all of us.

    The events during the weekend only proved one
    thing. You are more
    dangerous and a serious threat to this country t
    han GMA is. We have seen
    what you are capable of doing - you are ready to
    burn this country and
    reduce everything to ashes just to prove your
    point. If there is something
    that we need protection from, IT IS PROTECTION
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    I don't intend to imply any support for the specific individuals who are creating the "problems" right now, but the statement above is apalling. As you choose to not support those people to whom you addressed your message, I could never support nor even respect anyone who truly believes it's acceptable to lose freedoms and rights to "move this country forward."

    Perhaps your true meaning was lost in the words you chose, but as it reads, it's shockingly short-sighted and contrary to the very essence of freedom and individual rights.

    I suppose it bears mentioning that the trend to glorify "democracy," often to the point of worship, is spread worldwide and it proves that people have lost sight of what is really important.

    Democracy is merely a tool; it is not an end goal, nor is it an especially attractive concept. Democracy inevitably leads to the majority becoming a dicator over the minority and in that case proves to be no better than the conventional "dictatorship" that it replaces. Democracy is two wolves and one sheep deciding what is on the menu.

    The only saving grace of democracy is that it's the least evil of the practical ways of governing large groups of people. The primary reason for Constitutional republics and other forms of representational governments is to minimize the inherent flaws in the democratic process. A constitution and the elected representatives are supposed to minimize the tendency for the simple majority to determine the future at the expense of the minority.

    Democracy is a bad thing. It's just the least evil of the practical

    Now, in this worship of democracy, too many people lose sight of what the real goals are: true freedom combined with the dignity and fundamental rights and liberties of the INDIVIDUAL.

    Your rights are inherent to being a human being, regardless of where you live and they can't be taken from you while you live. What can be taken from you is being able to exercise those rights without being punished by a government that is out of control. I understand that losing the ability to exercise one's rights without significant legal repercussions is a significant and tragic reality of life (even in the USA), but that doesn't mean we should accept or condone it. It especially means we should not be of a mindset where we're actually a willing accomplice, either by action or inaction, in losing the few precious liberties we have.

    When I see someone write that they are "prepared to lose our freedoms and our rights just to move this country forward," I am saddened and and angered. I don't agree with it and I can't allow such fundamentally flawed reasoning to go unchallenged even if I am an outsider.


    Joseph Viray
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    Sep 28, 2003
    Here the military intervenes since it has been politicized.

    generals and i think full col's come it appointed by politicians.

    Cousin Rhino in the USA who chooses who becomes a general?

    Here lots of those who was overtaken complain since it was their turn to be pnp chief or whatever post.
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    Cousin Jason ... I posted a response to you last night, but now it's gone! ^8

    Anyway, I don't know. I think the president is involved and confirmation by Congress too, but I couldn't find anything with some quick web searching last night. Hopefully someone who reads here is either in the US military or a veteran (like Fox34) and can answer it for us.

    Also, I hope my previous message did not offend anyone, as that was not my intent. I feel very strongly about these issues, and sometimes I just have to express myself, even if the details are a bit off topic. I was not intentionally rude or disrespectful, but I apologize to anyone who was offended.
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    nice avatar cousin rhino!;c
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    I think I might add some kind of "liberty" symbol. Maybe a statue of liberty or the liberty bell on his side like a spray paint tag!
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    thanks cousin!