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An interview with a liberal, on omegle.

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by OctoberRust, Oct 17, 2012.

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    Jun 15, 2011
    :rofl: So basically this was too good not to let go to waste. I was bored and figured meh I'll search up politics on omegle. Here's a fun convo.

    PS - some of the personal info I give is not true, for example my race. I wasn't going to say white, because then I wouldn't be able to get the liberal stop being a total racist and talk about how easy I have it because I'm white.

    I'll be sleeping well tonight knowing some liberal in CA is upset and almost had a heart attack calling me names. :rofl:

    Anyhow - enjoy.

    You: hello

    Stranger: hello

    Stranger: where from?

    You: US, you?

    Stranger: same.

    You: state?

    Stranger: the most liberal state out there, take a wild guess? lol

    You: oo not too many

    You: let me see

    You: NY, CA, NJ ?

    Stranger: CA

    You: ouch. I'm sorry.

    Stranger: hhaha, its fine. Im a liberal. So its lovely here

    You: Well, I guess if you aren't for personal liberties and freedom you'd enjoy it.

    Stranger: pretty strong assumptions

    Stranger: I am for both personal liberties and freedom

    You: ah, interesting. Then you aren't a liberal.

    Stranger: I am. You are just judging the whole democrat party on a few liberals you've seen. extremely ignorant on your part.

    You: Well then. Let's see how much you champion individual liberties

    You: we'll start with the Bill of Rights.

    You: A great document when applied to all, that covers the fundamental of civil liberties.

    You: Amendment 1, agree or not? regulate free speech?

    Stranger: disagree

    You: ah, ok why?

    Stranger: why would one want to regulate and put restrictions on a individuals right and freedom of speech?

    You: oh I see

    You: so you agree with the first amendment, correct?

    Stranger: of course

    You: great! we're on the same page so far

    You: amendment 2. Right to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

    You: Agree, disagree? why?

    Stranger: Disagree. You saw what happened in Colorado. You saw what happened today with the federal reserve? People shouldn't own guns, even if its for self defense. One persons mistake ruined it for the country. the columbine shootings? the kids using their parents guns. Not safe.

    You: Ah, so you're assuming criminals follow laws.

    Stranger: no. but im saying no individual. especially the common man can be trusted

    You: They certainly shouldn't be trusted with cars then either, that kills more than guns.

    Stranger: True. Next question.

    You: No, I'm curious on why you're for violating a woman's fundamental civil right on having a fair chance of defending herself against a 200 lbs rapist.

    You: I find your opinion on the subject disturbing.

    You: I thought you guys were the party of "tolerance"

    You: do you only tolerate those you agree with?...

    Stranger: A woman. Should not be carrying a gun around. If we allow one person to carry a gun around then other people will carry guns around. pretty soon, your children will be taking guns to school and murdering classmates. No tolerance for Ignorance, stranger.

    You: hah. Ironically enough, most states that enacted concealed carry, their violent crime rate has fallen.

    Stranger: Doubt it

    You: Have you ever thought maybe criminals don't want armed victims?

    You: Oh no, it's there, look in FBI crime stats

    You: if you're going to challenge me, bring cold hard facts. I know liberals are bad at doing that.

    You: what's even more disturbing is you advocate a system where the weak and elderly are left at the mercy of the young and strong.

    Stranger: hahaha, then liberals must have something in common with romney !

    Message from Omegle: Romney? You deserve better. Why not Gary Johnson?

    You: I thought you guys were all for "equality"?

    Stranger: we cant bring facts? ehhh sure thing buddy

    You: yep

    You: Romney is a horrible pick too.

    You: so no use in bringing him up

    You: I'm not a Romney voter.

    Stranger: Obama is the lesser evil.

    Message from Omegle: Obama? You deserve better. Why not Gary Johnson?

    You: nice try though, and no

    You: bombing libya?

    Stranger: everyone knos this

    You: big bank bailouts?

    You: wallstreet and obama are in bed together

    Stranger: simmer buddy

    You: you lost.

    Stranger: down*

    You: fail.

    Stranger: no

    You: yea, lesser of two evils is still evil

    Stranger: you barely got to amendment 3 then let your anger get the best of you

    You: and the enemy of my enemy, is not my friend.

    Stranger: PATHETIC

    You: no, I find it disturbing you're for violating civil rights of women like that

    You: amendment 3 youd be against too

    You: that's quartering of troops in your home

    You: you'd love that.

    You: that's more gov't injected into our lives.

    Stranger: Okay mr anarchist

    You: so I'm trying to figure out why you can't stand on your own two feet when debating the 2nd amendment

    You: have you read the federalist papers?

    You: I'm not an anarchist

    You: nice try at name calling though

    Stranger: Yes you are

    Stranger: and a lobbyist

    You: looks like you're scared and can't bring facts to the table

    Stranger: hahahahahahaha

    You: oh yea? So what was the federalist papers about then?

    Stranger: looks like you're ignorant and are talking out of your ***

    Stranger: i never read the federalists papers

    You: you're called out

    You: OH

    You: shocker

    You: well let me explain to you what they are then.

    Stranger: DONT

    You: You see when this country was founded we had anti-federalists and federalists

    You: oh that's right, liberals don't like history

    You: or education

    Stranger: you will waste your sweet time conservafag

    You: unless it's their own form of it

    Stranger: hahahaha

    You: ah insults now

    You: shows how bad you were schooled.

    You: That hurt huh

    Stranger: liberals dont like education? are you ****ing retarded?

    You: you couldn't even make it past the 2nd amendment

    You: LOL

    You: sad.

    Stranger: OK

    You: hahahaha

    You: that's horrible.


    You: civil liberties and personal freedom my rear end. LOL

    Stranger: ok

    You: Why?

    Stranger: thanks for ansering the question. Cuz if you tell me where you from and m or f ill know a whole lot moreabout why you are so ****ing ignorant

    You: it's irrelevant to the discussion.

    Stranger: m or f

    Stranger: m or f

    You: I'm 24, male, and my name is *****.

    Stranger: m of f

    Stranger: Whats your race

    You: Why are liberals so racist?

    You: You going to use my skin color against me now too?

    Stranger: Its just a question?

    Stranger: Answer it?

    You: Why does skin color even matter?

    Stranger: it doesnt

    You: I know the democrats founded the KKK

    Stranger: im just curious

    You: but jeez, still guys?...

    Stranger: lame argument

    You: Lame question.

    Stranger: whats your race?

    Stranger: dont be a *****?

    You: What's your race?

    Stranger: just say it

    You: Name calling?

    Stranger: Im white

    You: ouch. you're horrible

    You: White? Why would you assume that?

    Stranger: and you??

    Stranger: I said im white

    You: Oh, ok.

    You: I'm mixed.

    Stranger: With what?

    You: Black, hispanic, and asian.

    You: why's it even matter...

    You: my skin color has nothing to do with this.

    Stranger: ****ing disgusting. and not for the fact that your a huge minority, but the fact that a black/hispanic/asian for conservatives is like a roach for raid. So much self hate

    You: not my fault I value personal liberties

    Stranger: hahahaha

    You: why did you have to bring race into this?

    Stranger: you must have had a ****ed up childhood.

    You: that's said liberals always play the race card

    You: even when it works against them

    Stranger: hahahah

    You: so, looks like I threw you off your game

    You: all you can do now is insult me

    You: while I remained calm and asked you questions related to politics.

    Stranger: Oh man. Well Im Nicole. 23 . and white.

    Stranger: hahaha, you never remained calm

    You: jeez, quite mean there Nicole.

    Stranger: just brutally honest

    Stranger: the truth hurts

    You: Yep. It's sad you're for disarming females and letting them be defenseless against a rapist.

    You: You should really educate yourself.

    Stranger: Dont, try and act like a female advocate.

    You: Read some books on history, learn how overzealous gov'ts harm citizens

    Stranger: hahaha, stick to what you know

    You: Sorry, but you're racist, however I can look past that and still try to help you.

    You: what do you have against blacks or hispanics?

    Stranger: im not racist. my daughter is half black

    You: Then why did you bring my skin color into this?

    You: what the hell does it matter?

    Stranger: because a persons race says a lot about them

    You: judging one someone's race = a racist.

    You: so much for the party of tolerance.

    You: unless of course you agree with them

    You: then they tolerate you real well!

    You: you're worse than the republicans I know.

    Stranger: I didnt judge you. I made an innocent assumption that you would be white

    You: innocent now?

    You: that's racist.

    Stranger: yes

    You: Because I'm thinking a certain way, you figured my skin would be a certain color

    You: let me school you on something

    You: Skin color has nothing to do with a person's behaviour

    You: I repeat

    Stranger: I didnt call you a ****** or a spic or a chink. i didnt say you were a mutt

    You: NOTHING to do with a person's behavior

    Stranger: i never judged you

    You: I could care less if you did, my opinion of your character is already pretty low.

    You: So explain to me this

    Stranger: oh wow. you must be implying that i care about your opinion on me. thats sooo cute

    You: 13% of the population is black, but 25% are locked up in prison, many of those are locked up due to non-violent drug offenses

    You: Obama supports the war on drugs

    You: is this some sort of sick joke?

    You: Or do you think criminals follow laws again

    You: and drugs should be illegal, that way criminals can make money off selling them.

    Stranger: Get off of BS mountain

    You: ah

    You: more insults!

    You: no intellect

    Stranger: insult?

    You: wouldn't expect anything less from a liberal

    Stranger: thats a order. hjahahahaha

    Stranger: ok conservafag

    You: so inadequate in articulating your point of view

    You: insults again. haha

    Stranger: ****ing badass over here !

    Stranger: ^^

    You: you're really convincing me voting democrat is the way to go

    You: wait till this convo gets posted, it'll convince many more too!

    Stranger: idgaf what way you vote

    Stranger: its your future

    You: yep

    You: racist democrats, or idiot republicans

    You: they're both just as bad though, so don't worry.

    You: neither get my vote.

    Stranger: oh are you a libertarian or a independent? hahahahaha

    You: oh, that one thing that values personal liberties

    You: uhm, how long did it take you to figure that out?

    You: Anyways, time for bed. See I figured this thing out, white privilege = work boots and an alarm clock. It's working out great for me!

    Stranger: too long

    Stranger: bye *****
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    Mar 9, 2012
    WTF is an "Omegle"?

  3. GAFinch


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    Feb 23, 2009
    Good question.
  4. Brucev


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    Jul 19, 2009
    First, what exactly is a omegle? Second, is anyone supposed to believe the OP is anything more than a invention?
  5. OctoberRust

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    Jun 15, 2011
    Sorry, I should have explained. I found out about it just a week ago. It's a chat that pairs you up with a random stranger. You can type the topic as "politics" or any other interest you have into finding a random person to discuss such about.

    Go ahead and try it guys, see how many anti-gun liberals you can educate as well. :rofl:
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    LOL! :rofl: