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An interesting handgun

  1. That’s the rebranded Boberg after being bought by Bond Arms.

    It’s been around for years.
  2. That design is an answer to a question nobody asked. Kudos to buying one of the strangest ass end feeding guns.
  3. I could be wrong, but I don’t think he bought one.

    I’ve shot one in the past. They are interesting, but I’m not really into small pistols other than a few carry guns.
  4. A really cool gun.

    The original was fun to watch through the design process. Arne Boberg cataloged his progress on his website and even incorporated some design tweaks from the dialog with his followers.

    I'm not a collector, but shoot for fun as a hobby and carry for self defense. The two I bought (one short barrel, one long barrel) had too many early growing pains to meet either of my needs. I don't own them any more.

    For those who like unique or non-traditional guns, it would definitely be worth considering.
  5. Over a thousand dollars for that?!

    Interested for sure but I can't imagine it every selling at that price.
  6. Yeah, I'm not sure about resale on those current models.

    The original Boberg models were made in small batches with waiting lists to buy one. Everyone was fighting to get low serial numbers. In that context, I had no trouble selling mine and actually making a couple bucks on the sale.

    Probably not the same story now.

  7. There is a ton of engineering in that. I was intrigued with the story of how it became what it is. They are very cool.
  8. That is not a very reliable gun.
  9. Hmmm
  10. My local shop sold several, actually.