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Pre-dawn terror on greenway

Michael Zennie

The Journal Gazette

The three thugs had taken Adam back to his apartment at gunpoint. One held a revolver on him while the two others began rummaging through his stuff.
The man with the gun told him to lie on the floor of his kitchen. Adam didn't like being forced down in his own home.
"No," he recalls saying, followed by a word that cannot be printed in a family newspaper and "you."
The robber pointed his handgun at Adam's chest and pulled the trigger.

Adam remembers the look of surprise on the man's face when the gun didn't go off. He pulled the trigger again.
"I should have been dead," Adam said.


Moments earlier, police said, Adam was walking his dog on the Rivergreenway just 50 yards from his apartment at in the 1000 block of Edgewater Avenue about 4:30 a.m. Saturday.
Three men jumped him. One pulled a gun and forced him back inside. Adam talked to The Journal Gazette on the condition that his last name not be used until his assailants are caught by police.

The fact that Adam wasn't dead made him think. He wasn't about to let the gunman keep pulling the trigger until he found a bullet. So he grabbed a 6-inch kitchen knife and lunged at the man with the gun.
He stabbed him. And stabbed him again. Three, four, five times, until the blade broke off in the man's stomach and the gun went flying across the room. Then the two others were on him, fighting for the pistol. At one point Adam had it, pointed it at one of the men and pulled the trigger.

The two men fought him all over the apartment, he said. They even beat his dog – an old boxer with a graying muzzle.
The 28-year-old said he never had to fight for his life before. Some schoolyard scuffles? Sure, but nothing serious. A barroom brawl? Maybe once or twice, he said, but never more than a lot of shoving. But Saturday morning he was in it. And his face bears reminders.

He has a scratch under his eye and two more on his nose. He's also got a lump the size of a baseball on the back of his shaven head and a long scratch behind his right ear.
One of the robbers hit him good, he said. With what, he doesn't know. It was all adrenaline, he said.
It occurred to him that since one of the robbers had pulled the trigger on a gun he thought was loaded, the men were probably ready to kill him, he said. His one fear, throughout the fight, Adam remembers thinking, was that he would be knocked unconscious, leaving the men to do whatever they wanted with him.

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Again proves the old adage that the best weapon is the brain, coupled with a set of brass walls. From the article, even if had a gun the result would have been the same-he prevailed.

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So I guess the only question is, did Adam rip off a drug dealer or was Adam the drug dealer getting ripped off?

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I live in the Fort, and figured there was more to the story...and there was...

The victim had offered a flashlight to the men, to search for the guns that the perps had ditched when they saw a patrol car....perps found one of the pistols.

The victim then offered the men to share in some "herbal medicine", at his home, it was at the victims' home when the gun was used to rob the victim...

More facts will no doubt be revealed ....

Ime out .....:cool:

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New adage to be added to our lexicon here...

When you lie with dogs... you wake up with fleas....

Just sayin.... :whistling:

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes...

It is what it is.
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