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An Evening at the Fair

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by gwalchmai, Jul 17, 2003.

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    Frank was very exited about the evening. His sister had fixed him up with a blind date, but she had shown him her picture and the girl, Nancy, was very nice looking. Frank picked Nancy up and took her to the fair. She was very quiet on the way but Frank just attributed this to shyness.

    When they got to the fair Frank took Nancy to the midway and asked what she would like to do - ride the Ferris wheel, play an arcade game, see a sideshow?

    Nancy said "I wanna get weighed."

    "Fair enough" replied Frank, and he took her to the booth where a man guessed her weight and age, correctly AAMOF.

    Next Frank took Nancy to the Ferris wheel. After ther ride he asked her again what she wanted to do.

    Nancy said "I wanna get weighed."

    So Frank took her back and the man guessed her weight and age, which was easier this time.

    Now Frank took Nancy to the booth where they knocked bowling pins over with a baseball. Frank did very well and won a teddy bear for Nancy. "What would you like to do now, Nancy?" Frank asked.

    Nancy said "I wanna get weighed."

    This was the last straw! Frank spun on his heel and walked away, leaving poor Nancy in the sawdust. She bummed a ride home, arriving just after 10. As Nancy entered the apartment her roommate asked "Hi Nancy. How was your date?"

    Nancy answered "Wousy!"