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  1. Have any of you gt'ers had any dealing with a AMT .22 ruger mk11
    clone. Saw one at a pawn shop for $300.00. Dont know much
    about that gun.;4
  2. They were "ok" in my book. $300 sounds high though. My book puts them between $150 & $350 I know, quite a range. If it were me I'd save my pennies and get a Ruger. Used Rugers can be found...ya' just gotta look for them. Hope this helps.
  3. AMT had to quit production after loosing a court battle with Ruger. I've owned two and they were both great shooters, just like the gun they copied.
  4. the range can be pretty wide because they made everything from straight copies to "custom shop" specials. i always liked the idea of a stainless receiver over the ruger alloy...that way you could bed the action rather than the barrel.