AMSOIL Gift Certificates Awarded?

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    I appended this to an earlier discussion but it should probably have been a new thread.

    A gentleman inquired about redeeming cert #1 based on the code and I wanted to make sure that it was legitimately awarded/issued by you.

    He since had his friend who won it in the raffle PM me, but it would be very nice to know the userid's of the winners so I can verify they are legit.

    If, for instance, I send $100 product to this guy and someone else presents the same code and the second is legit, I am going to be in a predicament.

    The user who emailed me was
    he has only posted once this year based on a search and doesn't have a contrib icon or anything.

    Please let me know this is a legit transaction.

    If you have the userid's of the other winners/awardees, let me know.

    Original message

    Received an inquiry today about redeeming a $100 Gift Certificate

    Since your site is the only one I set up those types of certs for , I figured you had done a raffle or something. I haven't seen any announcement messages or anything (busy with lots of stuff and just check my glocktalk email address to see if anything is announced and advertising reports) I like those reports, BTW.

    at any rate, I did a search for and nothing came up, and I did a search for amsoil, and two messages from one thread on 9/21 came up. did the history or the ability to search history go away?

    Should I post periodically to remind people that is still around?

    Thanks, and congratulations on the strong show of support with the lifetime memberships.