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Ammo shortage

  1. Wow, this ammo shortage sucks. I mean I call all around (because driving around everywhere wasting gas for no ammo is for the birds) I look on a ton of ammo websites, by the way, I’ve asked to be notified for a bunch of different 9mm ammo, on a bunch of different websites, what the heck is going on!? Is there a shortage because of hard to get materials, or is everyone panic buying because of all the nuts in cities rioting. Also will this country ever recover from the ammo shortage? How is one supposed to know when to stock up or stock pile, maybe I’m different, I don’t usually go out and randomly buy ammo for the hell of it if I don’t necessarily need it. Also what I use for range and home defense is just the plain old 9mm Luger full metal jacket. [emoji53]

  2. Combination of factors. Mostly just the fear we all have of the anarchy certain leftist groups are making sure we have in some way from now on. Ammo is just gonna be in short supply for a while. I hope those leftist groups aren't the ones buying it! But some of it may be going to them. I am kind of frightened by it all. Never seen my country being openly and internally attacked like this.
  3. i am new to this as well, and when i was buying ammo, like 1,000 rds of 9 MM, for $159.00, and started seeing it creep up $10 at a time, i was buying more and more, till it hit the $250 point. this was at the LGS.

    now, i can get .45 ACP 200 rds for $79.99, down from $139.00, and i am stocking up on that.

    online for me too, is hit or miss, and i'll buy steel as well as brass, if it is a good price.

    try any local "survival stores" in your area, one near me sells ammo as well, but it has gotten pricey as well.
  4. Try bulk munitions dot com

    they are high priced but have stock
  5. It’s a sad situation for sure. I have a decent stash but I am not currently shooting any of it not knowing when/if I can replace it.

    I might need what I have to hunt with to eat, not to mention defending home and hearth.
  6. It’s not going to get better anytime soon with this election upcoming.
  7. Ammo shortage.... latest attempt by the Dems to implement gun control.....:crazy:... and if you are thinking of rolling your own... same story.... no primers, brass, or bullets.....
  8. I think that a lot of distributors are holding the supply back like they did with .22 around the Sandy Hook days.

    I know everyone and their chinchilla is buying ammo, and this certainly is part of the shortage, but I got bamboozled on my 300blk order I put in with Sportsman’s Guide.

    I called and stayed on track with them for a month after I got in on a backorder that was suppose to ship on August 3rd. I called and spoke to CS on the 2nd to see if it was still going to ship. The woman I spoke with called, according to her, some friends of hers she works with from their distributor warehouse and they told her that it would start shipping to customers the next day.

    August 3rd comes...they change the ship date to 10/18/20. I guess they saw that on GB and everywhere else it’s selling for triple what they are charging for it so may as well capitalize on it. That’s my guess at least.
  9. bac1023 is right, with the political climate up in the air it just adds another layer of panic buying. The hoarders that don’t shoot are the biggest hit on our ammunition at the moment. They buy everything on the shelf and then it sits in their home for years and never gets used. I buy a lot of ammo from a local company that brands their own reloads. They can’t get brass. Primers either but I don’t know why that is. My last order was for 10mm and after I placed that order everything was gone. I have plenty for myself if I don’t want to go every week like I’m used to doing but I’m not comfortable with not practicing. I like to buy a couple boxes at the range so I don’t use my own supply but that is done as of Friday. The only thing i found was 10mm Blazer (not brass) and a box of Sig V-Crown 44 special. I was thinking about getting rid of my Glock 31 but then I changed my mind. That pistol has another 400 rounds in my safe just keep it. I’m the same with my .380 ACP. Don’t get rid of anything you have ammo for.
  10. TP has caught up.
  11. Yup. Keep a gun you have ammo for or might find.
    I had 3 or 4 thousand rounds of 9mm a while back.
    Went to the range yesterday and discovered I had maybe 500 or less.

    I could find no primers or bullets.

    after looking everywhere I way overpaid at bulk munitions dot com and my order was verified. I was glad to get it.

    Hours later they were out of stock too.
    I was too complacent. Darned near ran out.
  12. Plus the rumor mill is going nuts !
  13. Where are you located, what caliber, price? I’m thinking I should sell my store ammo. Just shoot my reloads.
    I went to Blazer aluminum for GSSF, any place you can’t save your brass.
  14. Its not going to get any better for quite awhile.My local gun store gets what he can but puts a limit on it.Glocks and AKs have been cleaned out for weeks.Glad I still have my ammo supply built up because we may be in for a long wait.
  15. Help work the match; keep lots of brass.
    ETA- my thoughts on ammo stockpiles. The only reason I keep a bunch of ball ammonia for practice. I have at least 500 rds of HP for each caliber and will probably NEVER use all of that. Range ammo? No use having it if I’m not going to use it.
  16. FMJ= ball ammo....military has used it for years....it will get the job done.
  17. I was fortunate to find some large magnum pistol primers, and while purchasing them, a fellow behind me stated he had small pistol primers and I bought 3000 from him. I have seen primers finally hitting the shelves in my area, but still hit or miss. 9mm is starting to trickle in as well.

  18. Agreed.

  19. Thanks, will give it a try.

  20. At this point, how much ammo do you want in stock?
    I have 3500+ each of 380, 9mm and 45 ball ammo.
    I do range shoot weekly, sometimes twice and usually with the wife.
    Not knowing how long this shortage will be, I'll continue buying but not get too crazy. It's going to be a long dry spell with some ammo available at high prices here and there.

    Anyone looking for 45acp, Precision One has inventory. I've bought and shot a lot of it and it's great ammo.
  21. no shortage for me . I bought for years knowing this was coming.
  22. I agree with you 100% there partner.

  23. Then you're screwed for the foreseeable future. Not trying to be an a-hole but that's the reality of it.

    As far as the right timing to buy? There are people on here and all over this country that have been hoarding ammo and weathering panics since before I was even born. The Clinton AWB started when I was two. The key is to always being buying when everything is calm, and prices are low. I've been a gun owner through the Obama years, the Sandy Hook panic which was huge, and the 2016 election which was a little more on the mild side. I have a good stock but not near as much as I wish I had, that's just where I'm at.

    I am very glad that I'm not having to run out and grab a box of 20 hollow points for $1.50 a round, or worrying about not having enough 5.56 to fill two AR mags, but that's where a lot of people are also at right now. Planning ahead is key. This isn't like buying figurines or collector silverware sets. Guns and ammo are under constant political attack and are subsequently subject to random unavailability and wild price swings.
  24. Nebraska, looking to at some point get 9mm...eventually.

  25. I’ve been looking at multiple sites, was looking at 500-1000 rounds of 9mm Luger, 1000 rounds for me is excessive but wouldn’t have to worry about it for quite awhile, wife’s been looking for me also

  26. I've been shooting mostly 45 than my other calibers because it's usually available. My wife shoots the 45, 9mm but mostly her G42.
    I haven't gotten an email notification on 9mm or 380 from TargetSportsUSA in a few weeks.
    I do have 15 boxes of Sig 380 coming this week from Opticsplanet I ordered 3 weeks ago. Not cheap but not bad at $18.89 with 10% discount and free shipping.
  27. I think you may be on to something. I have noticed the regular places i buy from (both brick and mortar and online) are just not getting resupplied, and haven't been in months. It seems once covid hit there was a run and then an initial restock by retailers (albeit at slightly higher prices). Now, nothing. Where is all of the production going?
  28. Gun sales are way up so more ammo going there. I train and compete a fair amount so I keep my ammo on hand counts pretty high. Not much you can do in the current environment. When things settle down then stock up. My trainer has a connection with a local range and usually snags 10k rounds to hold for people taking his classes there.
  29. I always find plenty of 7.62×51mm NATO (.308) for my M1a , but handgun ammo is hit or miss at Wal-Mart or the local gun shops. I find 10mm and 38 Special ammo frequently. That's about it. I have a good supply of 9mm and .45 anyway. I might just go online and search.
  30. That hasn’t been my experience at all. You do have to hunt and peck, be patient for back orders to fill, and maybe learn to cast your own pills, but I’m not having too tough of a time at all.

    Now is a great time to learn how to reload, because it forces you to go slow.

    Here’s another tip for you guys:

    Go with a chambering that isn’t that popular. During the last go around, I was shooting a .327 Magnum, and had plenty of ammo at all times.

    Currently, I’m on the 10mm bandwagon. I just received 500 rounds of once fired brass, and I’m on waiting lists for primers from here to hell and back. Someone will get some in, and I’ll be good to go.

    As far as powder goes, just review all the reloading data you can absorb. You’ll find powder that’ll work.

    I cast up a little north of 500 bullets about a month ago, so no problem there.

    As Warren Buffet says, “Be greedy when others are fearful, and be fearful when others are greedy.” In other words, don’t follow the crowd. In my view, the crowd wants ammo. I want components.
  31. Good for you. Not real interested in shooting off calibers and 500 rounds is not very much ammo for me. See what you get when you look for 9mm bullets and small pistol primers...
  32. Fair enough, brother.

    You’ll just have to wait, I guess.

    The only thing I have to offer in your case is to wish you luck.
  33. Non-traditional calibers do make it easier. I laughed all the way to my car when I walked into an ammo store here and there was a line for cases of 9mm at outrageous prices. I picked up two cases of 38Super cheaper than the 9mm.
  34. I’ve always been intrigued by the .38 Super. If a guy has one that’ll headspace at the case mouth instead of the rim, he’s got a real winner.

    I just don’t understand the ammo shortage victimhood thing. I buy what no one else is shooting and and make it work, usually very, very well.

    I’ll take a full ammo can over a list of back orders all day, every day.
  35. No. Not really. I have over 2k each of 9mm, 40 cal, 45 ACP, 380 is a little short at 1500 rounds. I am in much better shape on 5.56 and 7.62X39 :dancingbanana: Just for the record, your not my brother. Friend

    PS. I forgot about the 38sp and 357mag....
  36. As stated a combination of factors.

    Plenty of unrest right now. People are nervous.

    Lots of new gunowners.

    Election year and lots of gun control talk from the Dems.

    But then it becomes a shortage because there is a shortage. People hear there is a shortage and start buying. My mom, who has not bought ammo in decades, called me and asked if I was aware there was an ammo shortage.

    I think so. This is not the first ammo shortage. Probably not the last. Eventually people will calm down, get full closets or over run their credit.

    Not to be rude, but that is why you are starting threads about needing ammo. Ammo is not like milk or even gasoline. It does not go bad. Buy it when it is on sale and store it.
  37. so, you post about a shortage, and how useless it is to seek reloading components. I offer you some suggestions that guarantee successful ammo stocking, which you reject.

    Then you advise that you have no ammo shortage at all, and that you’re in good shape, while rebuking a term of endearment I usually give to friends and brothers in arms.

    But you’re right. You are not my brother. Just to correct you, not my friend, either. As a matter of fact, you’re really quite nothing at all, but a faceless human somewhere out there.........one thing I did give was benefit of the doubt, which is now gone.

    Just to show you around a little, when you have a question for the group, keep it short and simple. And polite, btw. Some here can eat you.........And if you have nothing of value to add, just don’t post. Most members appreciate that.
  38. I just checked ammoseek to look at pricing. Reloaded 9mm at .60 a round and they showed high shipping rates. Daaannnnggggg...
  39. I treat ammo like firewood. When I think I have enough I go 3X.
  40. I am thinking about getting a .40 s&w, a .357 sig, or a 10mm soon. On a lot of websites, 10mm is cheaper than 9mm.
  41. That's it?? Cute start....
  42. As a former boy scout, I took the motto to heart, be prepared.
    Dig the well before you get thirsty.
  43. 2009 is when I changed my ammo purchasing . I had enough for me but it was sold out everywhere . I would go into work a few minutes early and stop by Walmart every few days . By a box maybe 2 even if I didn't "need " it . Several years of that and when the price goes up you just don't buy it . When the crisis is over go back to buying .

    By the time you see there is a crisis , it is too late to stock up . You have to be stocking up in non crisis times .
  44. somebody has to pay for all of this stimulus money.
  45. Take into consideration, the business model of today is, run enough production to keep the business running. Sort of like only adding enough gas to the tank just to get you to the next gas station. We also have millions of NEW gun owners sucking the gastank dry. When businesses only make enough product to keep them going, thats all they care about. Low stockpiles means your not tieing up business funds with inventory sitting in storage.

    The next thing that slowed it all down, was the demOvirus. Alot of businesses were shut down. Some even layed off workers. Now that things are starting to open up ever so slowly, now they have to deal with less staff, and also deal with other places that supplied them their materials to make their products going through the same thing.

    So the way i see it, you as a shooter, or reloader, are at the mercy of who YOU buy YOUR supplies from. I`m no economist here, its just what i`ve seen when i step back and look at the whole picture.

    Those in the past, that thought guns and ammo wern`t essential and didnt need or want, those are the people panicking now. Those who prepare themselves, and fill their gastanks, dont run out of gas.
  46. First it was the covoid and people were afraid the police would be infected and there would be far fewer available and the infrastructure might collapse. Then it was the riots and BLM promoting anarchy. Now it is Biden's stupid gun control and banning on line ammo sales.
  47. If you can check websites during the day, try sportsmansguide.com. They intermittently have available ammo at decent prices if you're willing to wait 2 - 3 months on backorder. You have to check at least daily though as it's constantly changing. As of this afternoon, they have Wolf steel-cased 9mm 500 rounds for $95 expected available in October. This weekend I ordered 1,000 rounds of S&B BC 45 for ~$15/box 50 but not available until November.

    A friend has had hit-or-miss luck on Bass Pro or Cabelas website, but he's checking several times throughout the day before finding something in stock.

    Also, there was a controversial thread here recently about a site called Ammo Squared which allows you to set a fixed purchase amount each month. I don't know much more about it. Just to be clear, I'm not a member, and I'm not trying to refer anyone, so just Google it.
  48. It's called always planning for the (un)expected. It's reading the news and staying up on current affairs. It's knowing a little human nature; when new gun laws are discussed more guns are sold. When violence erupts more guns are sold. More guns sold means more ammo sold. Watching things develop is advantageous. Being a bystander is not. Gun and ammo shortages are not rare and have well-defined causes. It's watching those causes developing.
    Another great strategy is buying a little ammo on a regular basis over the more plentiful times- Dollar Cost Averaging. Be smart and proactive or find yourself where you and many others are today.
  49. My theory is all the new gun sales/first-time panic buyers are buying up all the fmj since they don't know any better that fmj isn't the best choice for self-defense. Most of the websites I check have duty hollow point ammo in stock in 9mm, .40. and .45.
  50. For some, yes, but a lot of them need practice ammo so they can go the range and learn how to use their new guns, which is a very real concern in/near hot zones with demoralized and neutered police forces. Defensive ammo won't be far behind - buy it now if you need it. This is more than a typical panic.