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Ammo Question

  1. I want to stock up on .40 & 9MM ammo for range use.
    When purchased how much time is there before the term old ammo sets in?
  2. I believe most modern ammo is 10yrs.
  3. 10 years
  4. If kept in a cool, dry place, perhaps 75 years.
  5. Nice, that answers my question indeed!
    Now I can fill my ammo boxes and no worries:cool:
    Thanks for the quick replies!! Much appreciated:supergrin:
  6. I've shot ammo that was decades old with no problems. I've shot my own reloads that were 20+ years old with no problems and not stored any way special.
  7. I recently shot my Father's S&W, the ammo was some he had bought before he died in 1952.

    I had kept the ammo in the original boxes, and in a ammo can since about 1960. All of them went bang when I pulled the trigger.
  8. I keep all my ammo stored in GI ammo cans. But as long as it doesn't get wet or exposed to extreme fluctuations in temp,it can last a very long time- I have shot 45 acp made in 1912 with no problem. The only ammo that has issues with long term storage is ammo with lead free primers which do have a tendency to decrease in spark over time.
  9. Ive shot hundreds of rds of WW2 .45 ACP Ammo without a hitch.Also a bunch of 30 06 WW2 ammo.Never a problem as long as its stored right.