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Ammo for Indy Event

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Hi everyone,

I'm thinking about going down to shoot the Indy event. I'm from the Chicago area where the ammo prices have been ridiculous (if even available). Am I better off buying when I get down there? Can anyone recommend any places to find ammo in the area?

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I would just try hard to find it where you are !!! if not you may get down to indy and not find it there as well
The ammo shortage may hurt GSSF Matches this year more than gasoline did last year.
Ammo availability around Indy is spotty at BEST...
WalMart in the area has a 2 box maximum per day, and usually has a very limited selection.
"Dick's" sportinggoods have had NO fmj in stock, only personal [email protected] 60 bucks a box.
Don't want to sound negative, but I'd BRING my ammo if I planned on shooting.
Perhaps you could go to Indianagunowners website and get better info, but whenever ammo info pops up there it's usually gone within a few hours.
I spotted some wolf 9mm at Dicks sporting goods in lafayette. Right of off I-65

Other than that it is a hard to find down this way.

I know of some of the gun shops have it, but coming from IL, they are out of your way.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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