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Ammo and Mag. question?

  1. Where can I find a good website to get some decent non-corrosive Ak ammo. and maybe a few quality, decent priced mags?

    I want something a step up from Wolf and I have been looking at Golden, Brown, and Sliver Bear Ammo. What is the quality and difference between them? Thanks for the help..
  2. I just ordered 4 eastern block mags along with 500 rounds of Brown Bear 7.62 FMJ from Ammunition to go. With shipping it ended up at $179. Doesn't seem too bad for 500 rounds and 4 mags.
  3. Mags from CDNN investments

    AMMO from cheaperthandirt
  4. Don't burn me at the cross for this, but I am a little prejudice against CTD for their extreme price gouging when Obama got elected. Thanks for the response though.
  5. I just ordered from ammunition to go. I got a 700 round tin of 123 grain Brown Bear Mil-Spec ammo. I also ordered three European mags. I think it was around $253 delivered. I hope the mags. are in pretty good shape but I know I did ok on the ammo. Thanks for all the input. I have had my Mak90 for quite awhile now and am just getting around to feeding it.
  6. The Euro mags from Aim Surplus are awesome. I ordered 10 ($89.95) and they threw in a pair of super nice mag pouches.

    Though they say they are used, the batch I got were all brand new and nicely slick with cosmoline. Only markes were from storage and they all look like they were never inserted in a rifle.

    +1 for Aim...

  7. Check out the shipping costs before ordering.

    I once bought an $8.00 item from them and the shipping was more than the item itself. When I contacted CTD about the shipping cost, they got very defensive. I've not bought anything else from them nor do I plan to do so.
  8. cheaper than diamonds
  9. CTD can KMA.

  10. Are they BHO?
  11. No. All the mags I have bought from AIM were not the BHO mags.

  12. I've heard some absolute horror stories about CTD... Do a search (general internet search) to see for yourself what I mean. They will never see a dime of my money, nor will they ever have access to my account info.