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AMMO 223, 308, 8mm, MRE's, T&E, Pintle more

1006 9

LC M855 green tip steel core on 10 rnd stripper clips in bandoleers
Radway Green SS109 steel core 10 rnd strippers in bandoleers
Federal 50 gr JHP
Winchester white box Q3131A
Norinco 55 gr FMJ
Winchester 55gr FMJ
Wolf Millitary classic 55 gr FMJ
Wolf 55gr JHP

Portugese FMJ
Izzy FMJ
Lituanian FMJ
LC tracer

Tons of it, on 1919 links, in bandoleers, loose

Unopened cases, 12 meals to a case, check/inspect date not till 08/2009

.30 cal T&E and a pintle

Looking to trade for reloading gear like dies for 223, 308 and 45acp only, scales, calipers, all digital. And anything else reloading related. Let me know what ya got. Thanks