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American Reloading

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Any one use them for supplies?

I have been ordering there for a couple years now. I like that they offer "pulls" as many of my bullet needs do not require hi cost projectiles.

Last summer i saw a 125G Compressed copper dust frangible projectile offered. It was a HP and looked pretty good. its price was attractive and the fact that I shoot alot of steel, the frangible bullet was a plus for safety.

I picked up a bag of 500. Went thru most of those and bought another. I have only really just opened them up, but... last week I ordered my third bag. I like them and worry that they may not last so want to stock up. Gonna order another next week too.

I load them with 180 data as the bullet is cup n core 180 g size. Now I am at and just past max loads for the 180, using these 125g my pressures are not record-able meaning that I do not see any thing to make me believe these loads are not safe.

Just wondering if any one else has found and tried these bullets.

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Some more information on these projectiles..

They shoot well. I use 180 g Data for the loads and zero pressure signs have been noticed. I have past 180 data and still zero pressure signs have surfaced. BUT I have found that after stitching to the Dillon form the Single stage these bullets done like to be crimped. I taper crimp most all my auto loads. More to streamline the case then to actually crimp. So the "crimps are light". But apparently my Hornady die that I have in the Dillon is heavier then the Redding I have for single stage loads. As I have fired a couple hundred of these single stage loaded with no issues. But the very first 100 off the Dillon are cracking in half on the way to the target!!

This is a target with 6 shots fired...

They are also inaccurate as here is same gun and distance, using same bullets and powder but loaded single stage.

I stopped shooting them and will dismantle and toss projectiles loaded. I will back off on the Hornady taper crimp die and try again.

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