American owned companies...need our help.

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    Just wanted to share a reply from a company that I have done business with for a while. The small companies owned and operated by Americans are between a rock and a hard spot. They need to fully understand that we as consumers will support a transition to 100% American made products. We brought the situation that we are in (thanks to past administrations (Most Favored Nation Status) and their idiocy)
    We as consumers and as entrepreneurs need to rise up and put the US and our companies first. When you get time, just read thru this reply. It sheds a little light on what small companies are facing today and gives us a since of direction when interacting with them as well. This is just an email that I copied and pasted so bare with me....
    "Hi Mike (or James?), thanks for contacting us about our products.
    Our first products were originally manufactured solely in the U.S.A., but in order to meet the growing global demand for SurvivorCord especially, we had to certify other factories overseas because our U.S. Manufacturer (the second one we had worked with) couldn’t consistently deliver the quality and volume that our customers were demanding. So we had factories in both the USA and China. Then, on top of that, we had to stop working with the US Manufacturer because we discovered they were infringing our patents - so now we have to wait for that to be settled legally before we can work them again.
    Additionally, since SurvivorCord is being sold all over the world, it just didn’t make business sense to pay double duties and taxes shipping a product from the U.S. to Asia or Europe, when our Chinese manufacturer can ship directly there…and provide a better product. Yes, the Chinese version of SurvivorCord actually beats the quality and specs of our previously American made stuff. So currently, the only certified manufacturer that can manufacturer our products at the quality level that we require, is in China. It’s basically the exact same problem Levi’s, MLB, Chevy, Dodge, and Apple are facing. All of the products started out in the US, and are currently being made in China due to U.S. manufacturing issues. Not to mention all of the OTC medicines in our cabinets…also 95% made in China.
    Having said that, we are working on certifying a new U.S. manufacturer for our SurvivorCord and SurvivorCord XT as we speak, and that certification should be complete in the next few months…assuming the pandemic ends. We just got back from their offices in NY last month, and things were looking good...but they are now closed indefinitely due to the pandemic. The only problem we have left to solve there is that our proprietary waxed jute tinder strand is no longer available from any U.S. manufacturers...they went out of business because they were importing their raw jute from China and the latest tariff's put them out of business. Turns out, we can't effectively grow Jute in the USA due to the required climate, and that was the best material that we could find for reliable tinder. So we are currently looking for other options like coconut husk, hemp, sisal, etc. to replace that strand. We have some prototypes, but they aren’t good enough yet.
    Additionally, a lot of people don't understand how hard it is to get a US manufacturer to deal with a small business. In most cases, we aren’t worth their time and so it takes forever to get products made…so long in fact, that we have gone over a YEAR between prototypes. It's just now sustainable until you are a large business, willing to spend millions per order.
    As I’m sure you know, since TITAN is an international brand, our primary focus is, and has always been, on Product Quality and the overall Customer Experience vs. where our products are made. I started my career in Silicon Valley and I discovered very quickly that businesses that survive need to have factories producing the same products, with the same specs, on multiple continents. As such, when choosing our manufacturers, we source globally to find the best balance of those factors. That means the geographic location of the manufacturer can change at any time, depending on several factors including product quality, unit price, technical capability, production capacity, and our developing service relationships. This is why we don’t publicly claim an origin…because it can change at any time. In addition, for disaster avoidance purposes (like not relying on just one paracord manufacturer in the Bahamas or Puerto Rico), we also try to have manufacturers for all of our products on multiple continents so that a disaster in any single country doesn’t wipe us out and put us out of business. For example, most U.S. manufacturers are currently closed due to the pandemic, but customer demand is going up at the same time, all over the world. Rest assured though, our product quality will always meet or exceed our demanding specs, regardless of the origin. And we back every TITAN purchase with a 100% satisfaction, no-hassle, money back guarantee – just in case something goes wrong.
    As a disabled Army Infantry combat veteran, I definitely understand it is oftentimes upsetting to hear that a product is not exclusively being made in the USA, and while we absolutely prefer to work within the U.S. whenever possible, sometimes it just doesn’t make business sense to continue trying to do so - whether it be due to costs, immoral business practices, natural disasters, etc. I hope there is some comfort in knowing that when the decision to import must be made, we are still supporting the employment of U.S. citizens and Veterans within our own offices (60% of our employees are Veterans), as well as U.S. Customs workers, Port / Dock workers, Freight Forwarders, Rail Workers, Delivery drivers, Warehouse workers, Bank workers, Amazon Employees, etc. In fact, I've done the math before and more U.S. workers are employed through importing products, than through local manufacturing…primarily, because most U.S. factories are mostly automated at this point.
    Anyway, hopefully that makes sense, but if not…I completely understand.

    Thank you again for your support,
    Jarod King, President & Chief Grunt
    TITAN Survival - "Home of SurvivorCord"

    U.S. ARMY 1988 – 1992 | 3ID, 4/7 INF BATTALION | “NEVER FORGET”
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    I fully support Amercan companies...that provide a quality product, at a competitive price, and provide me with great service.

    I have no patience, however, for companies that yank me with Patriotic BS because they are lazy, greedy, and basically want mommy and daddy government to protect their crappy work.

    Right now - how do you think you look to me? Free market is exactly that. Free. Play hard, play to win, or go home. You get to decide what you do.