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America is a Third World Country.

  1. The only way to save America is to win the House and the Senate and The White House and get voter ID laws etc. It may be too late ... the likes of Paul Ryan, his lover Mitt Romney and John McCain may have permanently destroyed the country.
  2. Are you blaming Republicans for this sad state of affairs, and the decline of our country?
  3. Paul Ryan and John McCain sure didn't help! Paul Ryan did as much to destroy America as any Democrat!
  4. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that but the upcoming election is going to be ugly. There most likely will not be a winner on election night, the “official” results might be weeks out. There is a good chance neither candidate will concede. At this point I’m fairly confident that Trump will win but regardless of who wins there will be protests, riots, looting, etc. on election night - and beyond.
  5. Former Speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert is just as evil as Nancy Pelosi. That is just one of many Rs I would call out.

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Just saying my friends :waving:
  6. I'd guess at least a month to get a winner. The left has groups in place to ensure it drags out for as long as possible.
  7. What if I told you that niether party cares about America? They despise everyone who isn't in their club of "elites". The only difference between them is who they pretend to pander to for power.
  8. WHAT is this garbage about America being “...permanently destroyed...” and “...it’s too late...”???? What are you-a shrinking violet, worse perhaps a woman or, OMG a plant from the dims sent to seed helplessness???America has a constitution and strong gov structure with tens of millions of REAL citizens defending it with votes, guns and the best weapons of all: money and influence. The more I talk to ‘insiders’ (lobbyists, political experts, political strategists) the more I realize that the worst case scenario for the dims is a Trump LOSS in Nov because it will lead to formation of a third independent political party in the U.S. and very likely TRUMP 2024. Hey -if the Republican Party cannot elect republicans then they will be supplanted. So don’t give me this end of life crap!
  9. ...and Ryan was deposed and McCain was increasingly being neutralized (except he died first.). Pay attention for God’s sake.
  10. America is not a third world county. I have stomped around in some third world countries. Our worst cites are better than the third worlds best cities.
  11. Communism kills it's host. Everytime.
  12. “C’mon Man!” I realize we’re generally on the same side here on GT. But I’ve been to several Third World countries, and the US is nowhere near that status. And how many US states have I visited? Just all 57 of them. {Couldn't resist that Obama slam}
  13. IMHO a first world country provides health care for it's citizens efficiently and economically. America has Wealthcare. A good system like Germanys would decrease big pharmas profits leading to less contributions for politicians. Promises of "Medicare for all" should be taken as a threat!
  14. The definition of a 1st world country is a country politically aligned with the United States, so the US is a 1st world country by definition.

    A 3rd world country is one not aligned with either the US or the now defunct Soviet Union.

  15. The Immigration and Diversity disagrees with you. They will be the majority before long.

    Once Texas or Florida goes blue, it's all over.

    Unless you think the minorities will magically start voting R?
  16. Third world countries don't have the crime we do, or the riots.

    Downtown Baghdad is much safer.
  17. Sorry about your country. The rest of us are doing very well and are positively planning for the future. If you’re that helpless, hapless & hopeless then buy a casket, dig a hole, leave instructions and eat your Glock. But you’re going to miss a bunch of great fights which we WILL win (mostly.)
  18. Any country can become a third world country. Venezuela is the perfect example of that.

    But saying America is a third world country is just inaccurate.
  19. You're right, that's the original definition, but the terms have morphed into some other meaning as this thread demonstrates.
  20. The Original Definition has Great Britain as a First World Country and America as a Second World Country. But that's a different story. The Brits came up with the terminology and it had to do with when you became 'Civilized'. Anyway... the die has been cast ... we just have to wait 'til around November 15th. to see where and who we are. If Trump loses Nov 3rd. it's all over for anyone under Forty years old. We older Citizens, a lot of us, have our escape planned and paid for ...
  21. A
    About America having “wealthcare” - how many other countries have a Supreme Court confirmed law which mandates that anyone is entitled to emergency medical care “regardless of ability to pay”?
  22. The definition is political and based on cold war alliances. The 1st world was the US and its allies in Western Europe and others. The 2nd world was the Soviet Bloc countries. The 3rd world was everyone else, which tended to be underdeveloped countries in Africa, South America and Asia.
  23. Open borders have a cost. Importing 3rd world populations has a cost.

    We were warned. But we decided we’d rather live in a ****hole than be called racists.
  24. We do? Where?
  25. If Biden opens up the borders and implements Green policies that will send even more jobs to China, our decline vs the Chinese gain will be accelerated and dramatic.
    The world will not stop and wait for us to clean up our act.
    The Paris climate agreement that Biden wants to sign, will limit our abilities with CO2 restrictions, while China will have no limitations. Who comes up with this kind of deals? It is an agreement designed to destroy the West and further empower China. The West is not just stupid, it's suicidal.
    After the threat Trump presented to the Chinese expansion, the Chinese will take steps to make sure this doesn't happen again.
    The Left can never be trusted.
  26. Was going to post the same thing, but no rep names. Just dem filth. But the reps you listed don't help. Nor do the pusses we got in DC calling themselves reps. Really the rep pusses are to blame more than the few you called out OP. You seldom hear a peep from them.

    America will be flooded with 3rd world people if the dems get in. Dems legalize 22 million illegal's. the 22 million bring in 60 million from chain migration.

    Why can't the USA be broken up to save a little before it all goes down the shidder.
    OK, it is not a great idea. But it saves something of America before the dems dismantle it.
  27. Don't know who comes up with it. But don't worry about golf. At Walmart. 99% of golf aisle is already from China, and maybe 1% from Taiwan, etc. Zero is USA made.
  28. I “escaped” Aztlan (formerly known as California) at age 75 by moving family, corporation, pension money, property investments to Arizona. Still vote independent, mostly Republican & pro Trump, pro America, anti-tax, etc. Great move -esp with Republican Governor, Republican neighbors (mostly) and freedom to carry open or CCW. We’re well away from the Chinese covid distribution center (CCDC) on Univ Az campus and are watching with amusement as Phoenix and other criminal sanctuary cities destroy themselves.