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Am I alone in here?

  1. I just found this forum back. Looks like no one is in here anymore.
  2. Yes, you are alone.
  3. Yep. Seems the Virginia gang is too quite these days
  4. Is it that, or has GT just got too many forums these days? Lol
  5. I stop by every now and then.
  6. Just found it, Virginia Beach here
  7. Too many forums. I'm back in after a stint away, but I can't keep up with all the topics.
  8. I am still here, but now in Stuarts Draft.
  9. DannyR!
    I wondered where you went!
    Hoping you're well Sir.

  10. Alive and well. May start working part time at the local gun store.
  11. Glad you're okay Danny, and good to hear from you! I still own my Hardy property, but sadly, not there very often. Job transferred me back to my hometown.

    PM me when and where you go to work. I'll ride up for a visit.

    I ask about you when visiting Randy... so, here's my direct "hello."

  12. I'm on here everyday.

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  13. Hey Danny! Wondered where you were, hope all is well.
  14. NoVa
  15. Me also!
  16. I am still down here in lovely Wythe County. The land of speeding tickets and overpriced horse show barns.
  17. Good Morning Virginia.
  18. Good morning to you sir!
  19. Good evening on the Coast Tom.
    Bull, I thought you were in MoCo...? Keep safe down yonda'.
  20. Nope I'm a little further out there. :) In good old Rural Retreat.
  21. Home of Doctor Pepper :D
  22. Us northern boys just refer to y'all as "down there." lol Now, when you hit Pound, Harlan or Grundy, that's "out there!"

    You County boys 'down there' like trollin' the Big Road. A reminder to keep safe workin' that highway... as you well know - it's the lanes of the loonies.
  23. I try not to do that, as I hate working traffic. It is an unfortunate necessity from time to time.

  24. Same here.