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Alzheimer's Test -- Find the Camel

  1. The head test is to find a camel. It's a test to see who can develop Alzheimer's.
    Doctors say that those who find the camel will be far from developing Alzheimer's.

  2. Took me about 3-4 minutes. I'm pretty slow.
  3. 72 views and no comments yet, are you still looking?
  4. Guess I'm doomed.....had to cheat.
  5. Less than a minute...i guess I am good.
  6. How can you cheat? Didn't know there was a way.
  7. Ha-Ha....I can cheat at anything...it's the only way I can win.
  8. Are there really two humped camels?
  9. I see a Bactrian camel. That’s probably good news for my passengers.
  10. yes.
  11. About a minute, maybe a bit more. Caught it on my second pass through.

    AZ is not my concern. Both parents started light early signs of dementia in their mid to late 70's. By the time they entered their 80's it was getting pretty obvious.
  12. How about a three humper?
  13. About a minute. I kept seeing things that I didn't see before.
  14. I'd be surprised if the entire premise wasn't horse-puckey.
  15. Seriously?

    I've been a little concerned about getting Alzheimers's.

    I haven't found the Camel yet.
  16. How the hell do you cheat?

    I was about 30 seconds, but it definitely was not immediately evident.
  17. Probably is, but I felt relieved when I found it.
  18. Took a while to find it, I am probably screwed anyway because Dad had all the precursors and was taking the Alzheimer's drugs.
  19. I think they are called a bactrian camels?
  20. Took me 2-3 mins. Good or bad?
  21. Tried, but forgot what I was looking for.

    May have found Waldo.
  22. I see no camels. Maybe I found it but forgot? Seriously though, I don't see a camel.
  23. Could not find the camel, but did find a nice pair of mammaries. :p
  24. [​IMG]
  25. I don't know of a time limit so I say you're good.
  26. Give it to a 10 year old kid and see how long it takes them. That will show how your brain has aged.
  27. And if the test subject's response to being given this test is, "I'd walk a mile for a camel," the odds of developing alzheimer's soon is 10x greater. Cuz they're old af.
  28. whew! Found it. Now I can cancel my physical for this year. :thumbsup:
  29. Has anyone found the camel toe yet?
  30. That's not fair. You are looking for a sneaky image, when it's right there and the only one like it.
  31. When you find it, it really pops out at you and you think how could I not see that when first looking at it. Very strange.
  32. Exactly. You overthink it and when you see how the others are laid out, you are looking for the clever way they hid it. You don't expect it to be so obvious.
  33. I was kinda' like a mild acid trip with all those animals emerging....spooky.
  34. I’m frik’n doomed
  35. I could have nightmares tonight.
  36. Okay, I put on some cheaters and I found it. I guess I'm blind, doomed to Alzheimer's, or both.
  37. I saw the monkey!
  38. I'm pretty sure that you have to blaze a fatty to see all the animals, yo.

    If you can't find the camel, its prolly an eyeball issue and not a brain issue. Even after cheating, I had to lean toward the screen to see it.
  39. yeah had to put the readers onto see it. Wife got it about 30 seconds.

  40. I call BS. What doctors claim this is a valid test?
  41. Guys, if you're really concerned about your memory or metal capablities, especially if your old and worried about it, SEE A DOCTOR !! There's a lot more to diagnosis and testing for this other then a friggin camel.
    I once worried myself sick & into tears after self-diagnosing that I had Myasthenia Gravis, while a REAL doctor determined that all I had was a combination of carpel tunnel syndrome with a little bit of bad vision in one eye, with both since being corrected.
  42. It took awhile but I found the camel. I believe my mind was looking for a hidden or disguised image like the other animals. Sometimes the obvious is overlooked. I'm 62 and already noticing lapses in memory.
  43. Had to put my reading glasses on and once I did that it was within seconds.
  44. Took me about a minute, maybe two. So I will relax for now.
  45. Keep forgetting what I am looking for.
  46. 12 seconds
  47. Very true. This is for entertainment only guys. Don't be frustrated if you don't find the camel, or over confident if you do.

  48. View: https://youtu.be/5DaVnriHhPc

    Von Hayes never did respond to the thread where I posted this video for him. Sensory overload maybe.
  49. About a minute. Need to develop a prey search image==how predators see "prey".
  50. I had to cheat per the video. Yep, there it is plain as day.

    I think Hannie is behind this somehow. :rolleyes: