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Aluminum Shortage Now Too

  1. My wife and kids were at the grocery today and went by the drink aisle looking for root beer and there was little to be had. The Coke guy was there so they asked him about it and he said there’s an aluminum shortage and the bottlers are focusing on making the more popular stuff. Weird how this crap manifests itself.
  2. Hmm. All the beer cans I've been saving may just have gone up in value!
  3. Last I knew, aluminum wasn't bringing anything.
  4. I think last time I turned in cans it was 25c a lb
  5. I think it is @Fullclips fault. He has been hoarding all of his empties. :flag:
  6. All the sodas are in plastic, how can there be an aluminum shortage?
  7. Is there a Fritos shortage also? Haven't been able to find regular Fritos in months.
  8. I heard the exact same thing from the soda guy a month ago when I was looking for diet dr. pepper. I found it in plastic.
  9. I worked in a tool shop in a can facility for a while. We made 3.5 million cans a day 362 days a year. And everyone was sold. Well before Covid cane along. Every time a calamity of some sort comes along, steel food and aluminum beverage container demand goes through the roof.
  10. The transportation industry uses about 40% of Al in North America ...., but bev cans is a large consumer too.

    I am about 3 years out of date but the US / Canadian market consumers about 27 million metric tons per year of which Imports, other than Canada are just under 4 million metric tons . Because of cheap hydroelectric power, Canada is a leading participant. In fact most statistics group the US and Canadian Al markets as one.
    China and some others continue to pay tariffs. It may be the local producers are holding out for higher prices and thereby pressuring the supply chain.
  11. What grinds my gears is apparently they quit making barbecue fritos, or at least quit selling them in mid atlantic region. Haven't seen them in quite some time. They seem to have been replaced with the chili cheese flavor.
  12. Except for steel I pick up scrap and usually make 2-$300 from it a couple times a year. Couple months ago I called to check on prices and the girl told me prices were so depressed don't even think about selling if I didn't have to, just hold onto it and wait for prices to rebound.
  13. I've only seen honey barbecue and scoops in Florida.
  14. This can shortage was given as a reason I couldn't find some of the less-popular flavors of soda several months ago, and it's just gotten worse since then. Yes, you can find some of the stuff in plastic bottles, but one of my favorites (Mt Dew Live Wire Orange) can't be found in 6-packs, only single-serve bottles at gas stations and similar outlets. And it's EXPENSIVE when bought there.

    I don't drink a lot of it (and even less, now), but we'd always keep a 12-pack of each of 2 or 3 different flavors around for when the urge hit me. Can't find Live Wire, Mt Dew Ice (I like both of those for their caffeine content), or several flavors of Crush in cans anymore.
  15. Never have an issue getting Pepsi in cans. It could be the aluminum in the east/midwest is they're turning the aluminum into tin foil for the liberal hats.
  16. The companies are keeping all their signature lines filled-up and running, but the lesser-known and slower-moving sub-brands are the ones that are suffering. About all I see on the Pepsi rack is Pepsi/Diet Pepsi, Mt Dew/Diet Dew, Orange Crush, and maybe a few others. Some stores have switched-over to larger plastic bottle displays and fewer can racks.
  17. What are you doing buying root beer in cans?!???!? Everybody knows cream sodas and root beer are best out of an ice cold glass bottle lol
  18. When are we going to get a clickbait shortage?

    How about a Facebook and Twitter shortage?

    Never a good shortage around when you need one.
  19. They just closed the aluminum smelter here.
  20. That's bad news for me. I'm diabetic and I only like one flavor of Safeway brand diet soda, Diet grapefruit, and it's cheap, usually about $2.50 a 12 pack. I usually only drink it at night before I go to bed and have a can open for when I wake up and my mouth is dry.

    A carbonated drink cuts the thirst better than anything else and also helps with occasional heartburn or acid reflux. I'll have to go to the store today and stock up on it.
  21. Here's hoping Safeway's contract with the soda company keeps them stocking your favorite.
  22. Well I couldn’t get a set of spark plug wires for a 74 Chevy. Not even generic.
  23. I'm told many local craft breweries had to skip their seasonal beers to focus on their core line due to a shortage of cans and bottles. Even a lot of the macro brewers didn't make their summer seasonals this year.
  24. GUARD THE THERMOS and the 50's purple and green and blue tumblers now!Coin shortage.AMMO shortage gun shortage,common sense Shortage,Silver Shortage. but don't worry i did buy 2 LARGE bags of Fritos today at FRY'S. and some dry roasted almonds.all for $12 bucks..and they are good..Maybe we are headed for end of times. I will be almonded and fritoed out.

    what 0BE16F46-0106-4ED5-A5FE-B4B4A3EB8C72.jpeg a way to go out.
  25. Ah , you noticed too . Really pisses me off ...
  26. In my area there is a 5 cent per can/bottle return program along with other recycling. Since the CHINA virus hit, the local supermarkets, (Fareway included) stopped taking the cans back.
    If you calculate each household, (even just in my neighborhood, roughly 200 homes) with 3 months worth of cans, imagine that city or community wide.
    Just recently Hy-Vee started taking them back so we were able to return a bunch.

    Let the sodas flow people.

    :cheers: :drunk: :flamingdrpep: :drink: