Almost lost my buddy

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    I came as close to losing my little Buddy two day's ago it's still hard to talk about.

    I have a mixed breed mostly dobie shelter dog I've had for three years, had him since he was a puppy, his name is Koda, he has a large chain link fenced back yard,

    My oldest son needed to use my car dolly to haul a friends broken down car to get repaired so I closed the doors so the dogs could not get out ,they have a dog door in the Florida room they can come and go as the please.

    any way everyone knows the rules you open the gate you lock the dogs in the house close and lock the gate after you go through.

    My oldest son got the car dolly and left so about 20 Min's later the dogs barked they wanted out so my youngest son opened the door so they could go out, he was not aware that my oldest son didn't follow the rules and left the gate wide open.

    about 30 mins later I heard a dog bark in the Florida room so I went to check it was my Lab but not koda so I looked out the window to see if I could see him standing in the back yard to my shock the gate was wide open.

    I ran to the front door and called his name nothing, I started down the street all the while calling his name, about a block away a Lady in her back yard said are you missing a dog I said yes at that minute I saw him run out of some bushes she grabbed him and held on.

    I got him back I would have been devastated had I lost him he is my little buddy my gates a chained an padlocked I could have killed my oldest son for what he did, needless to say he got the rules spelled out to him real clear that night when he returned the car dolly

    I don't know what I would do without my little buddy.