Almost lost 2 dogs Friday

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    Friday night we're getting ready to settle in and watch TV and I saw pills all over the couch. My wife had just picked up two prescriptions that afternoon.

    We recovered all of one prescription. There were 20 10mg Baclofen tablets missing. Baclofen is a muscle relaxer.

    I called the vet who looked it up and told me to call the pet poison control center then meet him at his office. Poison control confirmed that 200 mg in a 50 - 60 pound dog is 2 to 3 times what it could take to kill them.

    I loaded the two most likely suspects in the car and headed to the vet. We don't have a vehicle that will hold all 4 dogs. My wife followed with the other two.

    One of the dogs was wobbling around like he was drunk by the time the vet got to the office. He started by inducing vomiting.

    We were there about an hour and none of the other dogs were showing symptoms. We took the other 3 home and made the 1 hour drive to the emergency clinic so the sick one, Simon, could be on IV fluids and be monitored all night.

    There is no treatment for Baclofen overdose except to manage the life threatening symptoms which include, seizures, low blood pressure, dehydration and inability to breathe.

    IV fluids prevent the dehydration and also flush the toxin out to the body faster. The other symptoms just have to be treated as they appear.

    When we got home nearly 3 hours later 2 dogs seemed normal. Lily, was extremely aggressive toward me which is completely abnormal. That's when we learned about 2 other symptoms of baclofen overdose. Paranoia and aggression.

    Lily is not aggressive toward any human, especially me since I'm undisputed alpha in this pack. I was actually afraid to let her out of her crate.

    If Lily decided to attack me, I would survive, but not without needing stitches and I'd have to really hurt her. I certainly didn't want to do that.

    It took a few minutes to calm her down then I let her out. Needless to say, Lily ended up in the hospital too and we didn't get any sleep that night.

    Fortunately both dogs survived and we brought them home Saturday. Lily and Simon were both still a bit wobbly and the aggressive tendencies continued, but were manageable, through Saturday night. This morning they are both back to their old selves.

    All four dogs had the opportunity to eat these drugs but the two 9 year old ones are wiser and chose not to eat what wasn't food.

    This was a hard lesson that would have been harder if dogs had died. As it was, I could have bought 2 brand new Glocks and a few boxes of ammo with what we spent to save them.
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    That could have ended a whole lot worse. The important thing is that they survived. Take it as a lesson learned. It was a accident and one that I'm positive you will make sure never happens again.

    That would be a heck of a scare for sure!

    I'm glad it worked out and that your dogs are ok.

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    Glad to hear both furry babies are ok.