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ALL Sold pending receipt of funds

I'll list this first to save time: NO PAYPAL!

Please read the ENTIRE ad before committing to buy! Thanks...

I'm consolidating and have 3 guns for sale, pics are at the bottom of the ad:

SPF CZ 75 SP01 Omega 9MM: This great gun is like new with only a few mags run through it. The pistol has a few upgrades: CGW firing pin, CGW hammer spring plug, and CGW ambi thin safety. I also added a sweet set of Pachmeyr cherry wood grips. Along with 2 extra mags (4 in total), all the factory stuff and factory parts are included. It's currently set up as a safety rather than decocker but can be easily switched the other way around. You won't find a compact (G19 size) gun with better ergonomics. Great EDC weapon for those who prefer metal framed, SA/DA hammer fired guns with a safety. $575 plus shipping

SPF Canik TP-9 SA Mod 2 9mm. Need a great, inexpensive but uber-reliable home defense gun that holds 18+1 rounds? Look no further! I cannot figure out why these guns are so economical - this one is every bit as good or better than a G17 and has a higher capacity, and it's really a better shooter with a a great trigger! Comes with all the factory stuff (2 mags, paddle holster, paperwork, etc). I had this paired with a TLR-1 (not included) as my nightstand gun for a couple years but have decided to just stick with my carry gun 24/7. It would be hard to tell this from new. A great buy at only $325 plus shipping. That price is really ridiculous for a gun like this.

SPF Sig P365XL 9MM with Romeo Zero RDS. Need I say more? It's in great condition with a low round count...I've only shot it at the range a couple times. The RDS is new and the gun hasn't been fired with it installed. I did add rubber Talon grips. It also comes with 2 extra mags! Those mags are rare birds these days. That's three 12-round and one 15-round in total. I also bought a P365 grip frame (included, but not pictured) to use with it, but never did install it. Thought maybe I'd like the 365XL slide on a 365 size frame. $695 plus shipping. I know it's a lot but I don't think you'll find one cheaper anywhere, if you can find one at all other than GB.

Cash is king....I'm not looking for trades on these.... but might partial trade for some 9mm/10mm/357 mag/38 special/44 mag/44 special/45lc/556 range ball ammo at reasonable prices. We'd each have to handle our own shipping costs so that deal might not work out well for you.

These guns are selling for crazy prices on GB - I think my asking amounts are lower than GB and fair given the current state of the firearms market. Also, by buying here you save the sales tax. Those taxes add up over time!

More pics can be texted or emailed - I have many pics already on my phone ready to go.

The fine print:

SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED. Shipping will be about $25 FFL to FFL. FTF at an FFL in western PA is ok if you are close enough to me.

Money order is preferred! I will give a 5% discount off the total order if payment is by money order. Check my feedback here for confidence in the transaction. Also, I will give you my text/cell number to confirm the sale. I have 100% feedback here, on, and on other sites including eBay.

That said, I will grudgingly accept CashApp, their terms of service do not prohibit firearms transactions. I can also accept Zelle, or as a last resort and for an extra 3% on the total I can accept credit cards via my wife's Square account. NO PAYPAL. Did I mention the 5% discount for money orders?

Know and obey the laws of your jurisdiction. No shipping to CA or AK or anywhere prohibited by law, please do not ask. I will not separate out mags under any circumstances.

Check out my feedback as buyer, seller, and trader. I describe items accurately and ship fast. With that said, all sales are final - no returns.

For contact, please EMAIL: w e s w a r r e n (at) y a h o o (dot) com. Have questions or need more pics? Let me know.

I will answer PM's, but emails will get a quicker response.

Please do not post in this ad unless you are the buyer and you are posting "I'll take it". Send questions or via email (preferred) or IM. Thanks.

If you wish to purchase and claim in this post or via pm or email, payment arrangements are expected within 24 hours of the claim or I will move on to the next buyer. A claim and/or agreement to purchase signals your acceptance of these terms.

Preference will be given to whoever posts an unqualified "I'll take it" in this thread, but I do reserve the right to sell to whomever I wish. If you are new to the site please contact me first. If you post "I'll take it", please do not try to negotiate terms or ask questions later. The terms are laid out in this ad, and questions must be asked before committing to purchase. An "I'll take it" is a firm commitment to buy given those terms.

I will ship FFL to FFL. Plan on an additional $25, but that may change if my FFL ups his fee.

This listing is cross-posted on other sites.

Last note: I will be out of town and unable to ship from September 14th - 19th.

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