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All Right Whos Screwing With The Clock Again!

  1. now it is -12 hours out of synch.. says its AM instead of PM

    7:24PM est 7/2/02
  2. And the wild thing is if you start a new thread, it gets placed way back on page 2 cuz the server thinks it was created this morning! :)
  3. No offense, but I'd really like to shoot that damn banana.
  4. I assume the problem with searching is somehow connected to the clock problem? I can't search because it says I am only permitted one search every thirty seconds. I'm not quite sure why it would be. Oh well. I guess I don't really need to search for all the threads involving Benelli Nova Pump Shotguns.
  5. Alright, as soon as I complain about it, after four hours of problems, it starts working....

    Now I can search to my heart's content. :)