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all new glock 22 pistols having issues?

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I am looking for an answer to this thread. Are they really messed up? Some say the new dust cover plate is the issue. Also did they design a fully supported barrel? I want to buy one soon but am hesitant now. Help me out guys

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Shoot it with your duty ammo and if you use a flashlight attached check it with that... Indiana State police ended up swapping out their new g-22's for 17's after a heavy failure rate. Duty ammo was Speer Gold dot... Don't know about a chamber redesign, but the emmbedded serial number plate is the likely culprate with the Indiana State police guns... If you want to know more then come over to and look under the glock section... The thread their offers details with some of the people involved and they can shed more light on the issue... My personel G-23 is fine, but it does not have the new embedded plate.
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