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all new glock 22 pistols having issues?

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I am looking for an answer to this thread. Are they really messed up? Some say the new dust cover plate is the issue. Also did they design a fully supported barrel? I want to buy one soon but am hesitant now. Help me out guys

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I have a new G22 in OD. I normally shoot a G17 or a G34 in IDPA SSP/ESP, but got tired of having to switch my reloader back and forth from 9mm to .40 (I shoot a G24 in USPSA) and vice versa.

I haven't put a lot of ammo through this pistol as yet, probably about 500 rounds, all my own handloads. So far it has functioned flawlessly, and it is rapidly becoming one of my favorite carry pistols.

I just took the pistol apart and looked at the feed ramp and chamber. It does seem to have a well supported chamber. I haven't compared its barrel with my 2nd Gen. 23 or my G24, but will do that later and post what I see.

Andy C.
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