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all heroin users drank milk as a baby

  1. This is not ture? Which part is not ture? The part where I said that criminals carry guns? Or was it the part where I said all heroin users drank milk as a baby? Oh you must mean the part where I said that a murderer doesn't need a CHL to carry a gun and commit a murder. No, it couldn't have been anything I said because all of those things are ture.
  2. Did you miss the bolding? RIF

    You said 100%, that is not true. There is a significant portion of the population (no, I do not know what that number is, but I have first hand knowledge that it is greater than zero) that do not drink anything, at all, as infants.

    A great example of how statistics can be misleading.
  3. Infants, that "do not drink anything at all?" How do they not become dehydrated?

    Are you just wanting to argue?
  4. Not trying to argue at all. I'm just pointing out that people often make statements when they are ignorant of the subject matter.

    Google Nihil Per Orem

    ETA: Yeah, I like to argue..
  5. Generally it's used to treat alcohol overdoses and pneumonia. Not too many babies that's going to apply to.

    I don't mind an argument either but I don't try and make one when I don't have one.
  6. And again, we have someone making statements when they are ignorant of the subject matter. :dunno:
  7. That was right off the web. Educate us all, harry ass!
  8. You may like to argue, but you clearly don't like to debate or discuss.

    You've made an extraordinary claim, and "I have first hand info" doesn't cut it for support. Please post a cite that supports your position. And, no, a doctor's order for temporary treatment is not the same as showing that someone made it through infancy (birth to 1yoa) without drinking.

  9. <--Agrees with Sam
  10. ...off to the 'fridge for a glass of 2%, then down the alley for some smack. Back in jiffy.

  11. are you srue it's not ture?
  12. If you don't think that's funny you need to get the heck outa here!
  13. Wtf??
  14. [​IMG]

  15. It's a spinoff from another equally retarded argument on another thread. I sure wish the mods would put some notes or tags in to the effect there is "retarded thread ahead" or something.

    I've certainly been guilty of my share.


  16. LOL thanks for the info.
  17. Is nothing sacred?
  18. Is the point of this the fact that two related facts don't always equal cause and effect?
  19. Gotcha covered drew!
  20. EXACTLY!!!

    People LEAP to the conclusion that because this and that happened, one caused the other.

    Cause and effect is ALMOST impossible to prove.
  21. This is going on the list for TOTY!
  22. Agreed. Here's another one, all heroin users are ******-bag pieces of ****.

    How's that one?
  23. Here you go, something for you to Google.
  24. I was simply pointing out the problem with statistics, someone said 100% of some segment of the population drank milk or formula in their first year of life. That assumption was made by someone ignorant of the topic. It is simply not true.

    I'm not going to go into any specific family medical history with a bunch of sophomoric know-it-alls on the interwebs [not directed at Drew necessarily, it's just the post I hit reply to], so I'll give you a little hint and then maybe you could possibly perform some critical thinking on your own.
  25. I'll argue the fact that it's actually spelt "true". :)
  26. :bunny:
  27. So, the little ones that have this sucking/swallowing disorder don't drink milk or formula, they have it delivered directly to their stomach. That's the distinction that you were arguing about?

    There's a name for your psychological disorder and they're working wonders with counseling and medication. I'll let you figure out what it is.
  28. All heroin users were born of a woman....

    is that better?
  29. LMAO, another one within a couple days. :faint: