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All 20 times Trump condemned white supremacy when asked about it

  1. The media knows he did and so does Chris Wallace. Wallace asked him the same question in 2016 and he disavowed. The media so badly wants the narrative though.

    View: https://youtu.be/W7v_jDIqnyw
  2. Biden must be losing the Black vote...
  3. John Roberts of Fox News was actually A-hole #1 attacking Kayleigh McEnany about Trump's "white supremacy" issue today.

    It seems Fox News has no shortage of leftist a-holes... Which is why, except for Tucker, Greg, Sean, Judge Jeanine, and a couple others, my go-to "news" stations are strictly OAN and Newsmax now...

  4. I thought Roberts was gonna start crying after the lashing he got from the press secretary today.
  5. Wallace: No one at Fox News could embarrass themselves more than me
    John Roberts: Hold my soy latte
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  7. Yeah telling them to "stand by" is really some condemnation!
  8. Proud Boys aren't even a white supremacist group. Nice try, Wallace.
  9. In 1991, CNN’s Larry King asked Trump what Duke’s success with white voters in a failed bid for the Louisiana governorship represented.

    Trump replied: "I hate seeing what it represents, but I guess it just shows there's a lot of hostility in this country. There's a tremendous amount of hostility in the United States."

    In 2000, Trump declined to run a Reform Party presidential bid in part because the party attracted Duke’s support. Trump also called Duke "a bigot, a racist, a problem."

    Joe Biden worried in 1977 that certain de-segregation policies would cause his children to grow up 'in a racial jungle'
    non-"orderly" racial integration policies would cause his children to "grow up in a racial jungle."

    Biden defends comments on segregationist Democrats

    Tuesday night, at a fundraiser in New York, Biden lit the fuse on that bomb. In his report on the event, Jack Crowe writes at NRO that Biden

    went on to praise Democratic senators James Eastland of Mississippi and Herman Talmadge of Georgia, both of whom steadfastly opposed racial integration and federal civil-rights protections for African Americans.

    “I was in a caucus with James O. Eastland,” Mr. Biden said, slipping briefly into a Southern accent, according to the pool report. “He never called me ‘boy,’ he always called me ‘son.’”

    “Well guess what?” he continued. “At least there was some civility. We got things done. We didn’t agree on much of anything. We got things done. We got it finished. But today you look at the other side and you’re the enemy. Not the opposition, the enemy. We don’t talk to each other anymore.”

    This is far from an isolated incident. In 2017, at an Alabama rally for Doug Jones, Biden elaborated:

    I’ve been around so long, I worked with James Eastland. . . . Even in the days when I got there, the Democratic party still had seven or eight old-fashioned Democratic segregationists. You’d get up and you’d argue like the devil with them. Then you’d go down and have lunch or dinner together. The political system worked. We were divided on issues, but the political system worked.

    In 2016, Biden talked up his friendship with Eastland:

    When Biden faced a reelection in 1978, Eastland even offered to help Biden’s Senate campaign. “I looked at Eastland. He said, ‘What can old Jim Eastland do for you in Delaware?’” Biden recounted at a 2016 Labor Day event in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. “I said, ‘Mr. Chairman, some places you’d help and some places you’d hurt.’ He said, ‘Well, I’ll come to Delaware and campaign for you or against you, whichever will help the most.’”

    As Katie Glueck in the New York Times notes, Eastland and Talmadge were totally unreconstructed defenders of Jim Crow and unabashed defenders of white supremacy; Eastland maintained to the end that he had no regrets:

    Mr. Eastland, a plantation owner, was known as a vociferous opponent of integration efforts and a staunch critic of the civil rights movement, which he sometimes dismissed as the work of “Communists.” Throughout his career he referred to African Americans as members of an “inferior race” and used the racist term “mongrelization.”

    Mr. Talmadge was also a critic of the civil-rights movement and opposed the 1954 Supreme Court decision, Brown v. Board of Education, that declared racially segregated public schools unconstitutional.

    Talmadge’s response to the Brown decision: “There aren’t enough troops in the whole United States to make the white people of this state send their children to school with colored children.”
  10. Maybe the truth will get out.......seems to be Trumps way..........satire
  11. Biden, while running for the 2008 presidency, issued what he thought was praise of then-Senator Barack Obama, saying he was "the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean."

    2006: "You can't go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent"

    At a campaign event in Iowa, Biden told supporters “poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids.” He quickly corrected himself after some applause by adding: “Wealthy kids, black kids, Asian kids.”

    In an interview with “The Breakfast Club,” the presumptive Democratic nominee told host Charlamagne tha God, “I tell you if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” before defending his record with the black community.
  12. African village & German village af.jpg :
  13. To leftists, White Supremacy = White people existing.

    There is no reason for President Trump to denounce White Supremacy.

    He's not a monkey who jumps whenever the Marxist Media demands it.
  14. Nice questions from CNN. Putting the message out that Proud Boys equals hate. Surprised she didn't ask that guy if he still beats his wife.
  15. Here’s a thought: Antifa and BLM pretty much had a free rein to assault anyone who had an opposing view. Up comes a cohesive group who opposes their Marxist anti-American agenda and isn’t afraid to go toe to toe with them and match action, but only with those who want to override or assault people that can’t or won’t resist. The result, largely due to the inaction of the local PD’s (through no fault of their own) was that Antifa and BLM found out, rather directly, that the Proud Boys would respond with equal force and not just take their crap. So because Antifa and BLM lack the courage to face opponents that aren’t scared and don’t bow down, they (Antifa, BLM) resort back to untrue racist propaganda. Which is kinda of stupid and funny, given that the Proud Boys membership is over 20% Latino and African American!!
  16. They’re seriously not. At all. They’re a bunch of hipsters with an undeniable homoerotic nature.

    They were Started by accident by Gavin McInnes. Who is also a hipster with an undeniable homoerotic nature.

    God bless them for combating ANTIFA, but you won’t see me joining anytime soon.
  17. Exactly. They also call the American flag a symbol of white supremacy, Mount Rushmore and same with our National Anthem. Anything they don't like is white supremacy.
  18. I find it strange that Wallace never asked Biden to explain his thoughts on the thugs that are causing the riots. nothing about BLM or Antifa. Or ask him why Antifa has fund raising for him on their web site.
  19. Biden is running on two issues. Racism and COVID-19.

    Does anyone think he can afford to abandon either cause by recognizing the truth now????

    starting to look a lot like COVID may have been part of the Dem plan from the start. China has many minions.

    I especially like the way Biden refers to Charlottesville as “KKK emerging from the woods with pitchforks and torches, with hate in their eyes.” -What the hell is that about?

    Has Biden ever even been to Charlottesville? What woods? Torches and pitchforks?

    That event was about folks outside of Virginia rallying to rip down statues in someone else’s back yard.