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Alfa Romeo Project car

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Looked at a 1976 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT today. The car isn't in too bad of shape accept for the hood which has been almost totally eaten through with rust. The motor looks good. It needs a water pump but otherwise doesn't appear to leak. Haven't checked the compression yet. All glass is intact. Seats are leather and pristine accept for one tear on the drivers side...some other interior wear and tear but not bad.

He's asking $400.00 :freak:

My major concern is the hood. It will need to be replaced. Haven't found any prices on a hood for an Alfa yet. What do you guys think?
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If you have the time and extra money, go for it. Alfa parts aren't cheap or that easy to come by.
If you like the car and the hood is the only sticker you could just use the original hood for a plug mold and glass a new one. Assuming of course you couldn't find an original for a reasonable price. Kind of a fugly car IMHOP, but to each his own.
The price is right, but if you want to restore an Alpha you will need to look deeper.

If the hood is rusted out, I suspect more important things would also be damaged.

Walk around the car and lift up on the fenderwells, compress the suspension, look at the underside and inner fenders.

If the structure is damaged you will have a good parts car for another Alpha in better shape.
Thanks for the replies... looks like I'm going to pass on this one afterall. There was more rust on the back end of the car as well. The chassis is solid though. But that hood is in just too bad a shape to salvage and with the other rust. I'm afraid the cost of replacing or manufacturing a hood for it would be more than the car would be worth.

It would have been a fun project though. Plus the wife wasn't too keen on the idea. :upeyes: That was the final deciding factor.

I've restored or helped restore two other cars before, an original Beetle and a Sunbeam Tiger. They were both lots of fun.

Maybe I can find a vintage Triumph motorcycle to restore instead :supergrin:
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