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When I was growing up and had an interest in crime and the Mafia, I remember this dude's name because it was so unusual. But I didn't know until just recently how much of an animal this guy was.

Former NYPD Police Detective Ralph Salerno said of Anastasia:

"Anastasia put the fear of god in his associates, other gangsters, Civilians, and even Police, Judges, prosecutors and FBI Agents were terrified of him because he was so vicious and ruthless, and because they knew he had such a fearsome, brutal, ruthless and murderous reputation."

"Anastasia was an evil monster, he was a ferocious animal, he was a lethal predator, he was a killing machine, he was a cold-blooded homicidal maniac, and he was a vicious, sadistic, heartless, merciless, monstrous and deranged psychopathic killer. Anastasia had ice cold, vicious and devilish eyes, he had a look to put the fear of the devil in anybody."

Salerno goes on to say about Anastasia:

"He had the most terrifying death stare that i've ever seen in my life, he had a evil and frigid glare of a cold-blooded killer. He was an extremely terrifying man, and out of all the gangster's and criminal's that i've met personally in my life, and I've met at least a thousand of them in my years, there were only 3 gangsters who when I looked them straight in the eyes, i decided i wouldn't want them to be really personally mad at me. Aniello Dellacroce, Carmine Galante, and Albert Anastasia were the individuals that i was petrified of, they were also the individuals that I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of. They were very terrifying and monstrous men, they were so vicious and so ruthless, that they could scare demons away, you looked at their eyes and you could see how terrifying they were, they were the worst possible evil, they had a frigid glare of pure evil killers."

"They could kill anybody, women, children and innocent civilians, and not feel a thing. They could literally kill a billion people and not feel a thing. They were pure evil. They were relentless murder machines, They were absolute cried animals, they were evil, animalistic, predatory, deranged psychopathic killers, and they were the only gangsters I was scared to death of, and they put the fear of the devil in me, and a bunch of other people, including Cops, Prosectors, Jurors, Judges, FBI Agents, and even their own associates. They were feared by everyone all over the place."

Salerno continues:

"Anastasia loved to look his victim's in the eyes while killing them slowly just to show his ruthlessness. Anastasia would kill anybody, he would kill police, judges, prosecutors, Politicians, Mayors, Governors, even Federal Agents in a heartbeat, which he did, he did not care who he killed, he just loved to kill. Nobody got on the wrong side of Albert Anastasia and got away with it."

"Anastasia is still considered to be one of the most vicious, murderous, ruthless and feared gangster's in history. Anastasia is also considered to be one of the most deadliest and dangerous men in American history. Anastasia is regarded by the FBI as the most violent, ruthless and feared criminal of all time. According to the FBI, Anastasia has murdered more people than any mobster in Italian-American Mafia history, and Anastasia has ordered more murders than the Irish Republican Army. Anastasia is unquestionably the most murderous criminal of all time."
responsible for single-handedly murdering as many as 900-1,000 people, however, it is believed by the FBI that Anastasia has single-handedly murdered over 1,300 people, which makes him one of the most brutal, ruthless and murderous mass murderers in history of the world. During his reign of terror, Anastasia ordered more than 15,000 murders, and it is suspected by the FBI that Anastasia ordered the deaths of as many as 20,000 people all over the United States. making Anastasia the most ruthless, dangerous and murderous crime boss of all time.
Wow. Just wow. People have been convicted of war crimes for lesser body count totals.

He's about the LAST person I would have wanted to see in the peep hole of my door. I'd have probably crapped myself.

The worst part about this? He was on Death Row in Sing Sing in 1921, but Lucky Luciano murdered his witnesses and Anastasia walked free on a retrial due to lack of witnesses.

If he had been executed.....all those people would likely still be alive.

Some people are psychopaths. And some of those psychopaths get an excuse to murder freely. He is a prime example of that.
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