Albert Anastasia

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    When I was growing up and had an interest in crime and the Mafia, I remember this dude's name because it was so unusual. But I didn't know until just recently how much of an animal this guy was.


    Wow. Just wow. People have been convicted of war crimes for lesser body count totals.

    He's about the LAST person I would have wanted to see in the peep hole of my door. I'd have probably crapped myself.

    The worst part about this? He was on Death Row in Sing Sing in 1921, but Lucky Luciano murdered his witnesses and Anastasia walked free on a retrial due to lack of witnesses.

    If he had been executed.....all those people would likely still be alive.

    Some people are psychopaths. And some of those psychopaths get an excuse to murder freely. He is a prime example of that.