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    What an exceptional match-on their first time out! It was extremely well organized and run. The physical facilities were excellent; on first arriving, you had the impression that you were in an industrial park, as all the bays were self-contained in three-sided buildings. While the range facility was physically adjacent to I5, but not serviced by an exit, you had to access it by exits at some distance away, and then travel to it via local and farm roads-the range facility itself was somewhat literally in the middle of nowhere.

    The RO's were skilled and match-friendly. The only wait of any significance that I encountered in the entire match was at the warm-up fun shoot-and it really wasn't much of a wait, and I had a chance to chat and renew my acquaintanceship with some fellow GSSF'ers that I'd met at previous matches.

    I had a great time talking with Roland-G23 (Brian) after I shot the bay where he was RO-ing (And congratulations on your placement, by the way, Brian). Chris Edwards and Cindy from GSSF were there; it was quite simply a lot of fun on a beautiful day. I had a chance to talk with Glenn Wisser, the Northwest District Manager/aka Glock Match Armorer-although the District boundaries have shifted and Glenn originally was not slated to be there, at the last minute he was tabbed by Glock, interrupting a camping trip he and his wife had planned; despite the last-minute shuffle, Glenn was cheerfully (and superbly) working on contestants' Glocks. He also had one of his personal G20's for sale, with an interesting story behind it: The reason Glenn had it for sale was that it was made redundant by the inscribed G20 that Glock presented to him as the District Manager of the Year-not a suprise to any of us who have spent any time with Glenn. Richly deserved, and many congratulations, Glenn!

    As I said on an earlier posting, this was just a gem of a match. Absolutely THE best GSSF match I've ever participated in, period. I will definitely be back-it was certainly worth the drive.

    Best, Jon